Printing to Local (HP) Printer behind (Linksys) router while Logged Into Remote Host

Hello Experts,

My situtation is I administer a remote dedicated server (running Server 2003) for web hostings, email, etc.  While I am logged-in (XP Pro on the local machine) via a remote connection I'd like to print to the HP3500n on my local area network. The local network is behind a Linksys (cable/DSL) router.

I believe my problem is allowing the Server to see the printer (on a local print server) through the LinkSys router. But there my be other factors inhibitors as well.

Any advice?

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First you need to set the gateway on the 3500n.
You can probably do this from the Printer keyboard, but it might be easier from the built in webserver.
in Internet explorer, type the printer`s IP address in, it should open the printer`s web page. (you will need to know the default admin password)
Set the Linksys router internal IP as the gateway.

then on the remote machine, add a route to the printer`s IP via the linksys external IP.

You will have to open a port on the linksys to allow the traffic.
port 9100 is the ms default tcp/ip printing port, 515 is for LPR, some network printer utilities use others, it will probably show in the print driver.
You would need to set up a route to the printer from the remote server, and enable a gateway on the printer.
ericolsson1Author Commented:
Great. Could you please provide an example of the route and how to enable a gateway.

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