blocking io

sir ,

      i m little bit confused about these terms .

 Suppose a process p is waiting for resource ,say x , is in spin lock . we can say that process is in blocking io mode .

And process p , returns immediately and poll for the availability of data using poll() , can be said to be in non blocking io mode .

My doubt :
Suppose process p goes to sleep , after finding that data is not available and wake up when data is  availble is said to be in WHICH mode ?

a) Blocking
b)non Blocking

sir ,give me valid reasons

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Just to backup Stefan, any time a process does not continue immediately but waits in whatever fashion (you've described one), then it is blocking.

Non-blocking means a quick attempt is made and the process always continues where the programmer must then figure out what is missing.

Hi karana,
That's blocking mode, since the process does not immediately return when a resource is not available.


karanaAuthor Commented:
thankx for a good and immediate answer ,
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