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have an RJ45 socket but only a dialup modem

have an RJ45 socket in the wall but only a dialup modem with a normal socket in it. Can I connect my desktop to it
and get a sucessful connection?
2 Solutions
Here's a few links to an adapter that converts rj45 to rj11:



Or, just replace the RJ45 plug with a RJ11 phone plug wall plate. Use 2 of the the cat 5 cable wires to connect to the phone line at the box on your exterior wall. If the cat5 goes to an interior distribution box you should have the phone line connection in it to tie to.
Basically you do not need to convert RJ11 to RJ45, as it will fit into RJ45 socket. Just plug your modem into wall socket and go on!

Actually, you need to find out what is on the other end of the RJ45 socket.  An RJ45 socket can be Ethernet (any of at least 3 varieties), token ring or a digital phone system (much more likely in an office than at home ......).  The socket type is not an absolute 1-for-1 indicator of the signal type.  And there's some chance that it's not even connected, at all.

If the RJ-45 truly is an Ethernet connection with a gateway to the internet, then you should get an Ethernet adapter and forget the dial-up, which will probably be 10x slower than the Ethernet connection.  Here, you have some choices:  A PCI card for a desktop, a PC Card for a laptop, or (not as good as either of the previous two choices) an Ethernet to USB adapter (can be used on any computer with USB).  You can easily buy any of these solutions for under $30, and it's not uncommon to be able to get them for Free, or $5 or $10 when they are on sale (almost always with rebates).


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