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Posted on 2005-04-09
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hi all,

1) what are the possibilites of exporting word documents from access reports.

2) i want to create a report with a covering page. and have the following pages list details of records. so basically different pages with different information.

Question by:nick81
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Accepted Solution

harfang earned 600 total points
ID: 13744511

1) Word

You have basically two possibilities: export to word and mail merge.

Export to word is a poor feature (open report in preview and select export to word from the menu or toolbar). It will loose some essential formatting and all borders and lines. It is really a hack for those who need the bare information on a report for cut-and-paste and further processing. It can save some typing, that is all.

Mail merge is a powerfull feature. It can be used to produce mailings (letters, envelopes, labels, etc) but also plain lists, with cover page, page headers, etc. On the other hand, it cannot produce "structured" reports, with groups and subgroups, group headers, totals, etc.

2) Cover pages in Access

I suggest you take a look at the Northwind Database, that can be installed with Access in the samples subfolder of the office installation. Search you hard drive for "Northwind" and reinstall Access with that option if you don't find it.

A cover page is typically created in the "report header" section, which can be up to about three pages long. Page breaks can be inserted at any place. The first actual report page can start below the header on on a new page (examine the formatting options of the different sections, e.g. "force new page before" and "force new page after".

Likewise, you can then start each group of records on a new page, if you have group headers and/or footers.

Hope this helps!
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Expert Comment

ID: 13744513
PS: I mentioned the Northwind database for the "Catalog" report, which demonstrates all these techniques...

Author Comment

ID: 13744554

is it possible to have one page landscape and another page portrait in one report?

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Assisted Solution

by:Jeffrey Coachman
Jeffrey Coachman earned 600 total points
ID: 13744573

I think you can "Fool" Access into generating a Cover Page (Wait for other member's input)

I grabbed this from here:
 Taking the cover page one step further, you can embed a Word page as your cover page by using Access' "Unbound Object Frame". The easiest way is to design your report cover on a page in Word. Then perform steps 1 and 2 in the article, but substitute the following for step 3.
3. Insert Word object by:
a. Click Insert, Object.
b. Check the "Create From File" box in the "Insert Object" dialog box.
c. Enter or browse to the Word file you created for the cover page, and click OK.
Then perform step 4.
You can shrink or enlarge the Word cover page by setting the "Size Mode" in the object's property box to "Zoom".
  By the way, you can use either the original or the Word procedure to add a Report Footer. If you want the footer on its own page, set the footer's "Force New Page" property to "Before Section".

          (Basically I think they Insert a Word Doc as an Image and force a page break)

But just in case you MUST use word....

You can Export the Access Report to Word.

Then from the "Save as Type" dropdown choose "Rich Text Format"

Now of course, I can't see your data, so I will say that the report in Access should be formatted the way you want it to look in Word.
From your statement above it seems like you need a simple Report, basically a list report, showing all the records. (no Grouping and be in Tabular format).

You can then use Word to generate your Cover Page.

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Expert Comment

ID: 13744585
> is it possible to have one page landscape and another page portrait in one report?

No. The easiest workaround is to write two reports and print them in order. The second report can start with page 2 if that is the problem. You can use a VB event procedure or a macro to print several reports in one click.

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Assisted Solution

Arji earned 600 total points
ID: 13744708
You could also print the Word doc at the same time you print the report:        
This assumes you have Word installed on the same system.

Dim oApp As Object

        Set oApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")
        oApp.Visible = False
        oApp.Documents.Open ('YourCoverPage")
        oApp.Options.PrintBackground = True             <----'works when false too
        'Clean up code...
        Set oApp = Nothing

Then print your Access report.

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Expert Comment

by:Jeffrey Coachman
ID: 13744998

You have been given some pretty good tips here.

But you still have not told us WHY you need to use Word?

Or, are you just trying to decide which program to use?

BTW: Word can print out different pages with different orientations (Portrait, Landscape)
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Assisted Solution

jjafferr earned 200 total points
ID: 13746553
Hi nick,

Here is an example:

You would use Bookmark in Word to accomplish your task,
thus you can have a portraite and landscape in the same Word document.

Hope this helps


Author Comment

ID: 13746845

the convert to word thing was just a general question that i may want to use in the future. I'll start with using standard reports. The reason why i want to do this is because the company i work for works all round the world ( their engineers solve problems, and thus only have access to an inet conn) and their employees might want to adapt something after having received a report through email without having to go through Access.

As to the portrait + landscape thing. I did think of having two reports myself. But that is not really a great solution. For example, if you make a quote with a cover page of general information + other pages with lots of details(that requires landscape) and you want to send that report via email to customer, then you would need two files. And as i was typing this, i came up with another reason to use word, if quote is sent to customer via email, i think it would be best if it is in word format.

These are some issues that i'll have to think about.

thx for you comments, further comments are of course welcome.
I'll divide points amongst you all,

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Expert Comment

ID: 13750781
What I use for this (and have implemented for many clients) is the printing of Access reports to PDF files.
Whith the freeware pdf creator i use, there is no way to assemble two reports into a single PDF file, thus your portrait/landscape problem would not be solved, but with more elaborate PDF writers, it is probably possible.

Good luck in any case

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