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Frozen Screen, How to kill the process without Power-Off?

Hello!  Everyone,

I am still somehow a newbie to Linux, and am missing some essential commands.   One is "killing a frozen process" in GUI when I got a frozen non-responsive screen.   Here is my details.

My Linux 2.2.14/RedHat 6.2 is stand alone, like a personal computer, and not Networked.   The most problematic freezing is the cases when I am using FileManager (GNU Midnight Commander 4.5.42), and am doing the files to drag to copy or drag to print (on printer applet).   So, recently I am avoiding "dragging" files, but do other ways (menu -> File -> copy ;  OR right-mouse click ->  copy).   In PC, <Ctrl><Alt><Del>, in Macintosh <Alt><AppleCommand><Esc> works fairy well to kill the frozen process, but I haven't found the counter part command in Linux_X_GUI.   Any suggestions?   Thank you.    mkido
3 Solutions
In Linux you have commands as follows:
# ps -fael | grep "mc"
This will display all processes using your comuputer with their IDs. To get to theis, you have to press Ctrl+Alt+F1. This takes you to a console screen where you need to login as root user. I have used grep command to find the process with "mc" in any part of the commands returned.

After you have identified the process to kill from above command, you can use following command to kill the process you wish to kill:
# kill -9 <process_id>
where <process_id> is the PID you obtained for the process to be killed using the ps command.

To kill an X session, you need to type Ctrl+Alt+Backspace keys together.

You can find out more about the commands using the man command.
# man ps
will display all details about the ps command in Linux.
you can also try xkill.

just type "xkill" from a terminal and select the window you want to close out.
Try "gtop", Gnome top.
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Hi mkido,

Have you tried ctrl+shift+backspace or ctrl+alt+backspace....



NETANBU - your suggestion will kill the GUI and cause it to restart. That's a little drastic here...

Basically, here's the process to kill of a process (hmm... that sounds weird...)


First, you have to find the process. This would be done from a prompt with somehthing like "ps -ef", which lists ALL running processes. If you know something specific about the process (like the name of the executable), you can pass it through grep with that information to get a shorter list. This would be something like "ps -ef | grep mc". Once you have your "short list", you need to identify specifically which one needs to go. Once you know that one, get the process id number for it (of the two columns with numbers, it's the one on the left). Then, kill it. This would be something like "kill -9 5555", except 5555 should be replaced with the actual process number.

Another way to kill running programs is with killall. "killall -9 bash" would immediately terminate ALL instances of the BASH shell running on the machine. Since this command is a little more "heavy-handed", be sure you know what it might do when you run it.
You might also try CNTL-ALT-F3 or CNTL-ALT-F7 to jump to a console mode. The most useful app I have found is good old pkill ported over from solaris (allows you to kill processes by name e.g: pkill -9 smbd)
mkidoAuthor Commented:
Hello!  Everyone,
Thank you very much a lot of comments.   As I described in my question, my Linux can't be access from other networked computer(s), so that once the X_screen is frozen, no way to type in the command or review the processes.   I will try a couple of multiple Keyboard typing ways, and will feed back here soon.   One moment.   mkido
mkidoAuthor Commented:
Hello!  Everyone,
This is very stupid comment to write, but I am trying to get a freezing screen to test your comments, but never get frozen.      It is working fine against my effort.   So, I will test your suggestions in another chance.   If I will have an interesting observation, I will open a followup note at that time.   Thank you all.       - mkido  

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