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KVM Switches and broadcasting keystrokes to multiple PCs


I've been looking for quite some time for a way to sniff keystrokes for a legacy DOS system, and just yesterday found out about KVM switches.  But we need a KVM to broadcast keystrokes to two machines, simultaneously.

Does anybody have experience with this or know what brands or models can provide me with this capability?

Thanks a lot for the help,
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ba272Author Commented:

es, exactly.  In fact I first learned about KVMs on the NetworkTechInc site.  We plan on talking with these folks about the cost, but are worried that they will be out of our price range.

I was hoping for somethine less commercial grade and more consumer grade, to get the price into a different range.

Any thoughts?  We just need to broadcast the keystroke to two computers, that's out only requirement.  Or, if we could give the keytrokes to the DOS computer and somehow have them logged on the Windows computer.  That would work too.

also not a bad switch:
but from a german maker...

You don't need a KVM switch, it looks like you need a splitter for the KB. A KVM switch typically will direct KB/mouse/video to one machine at a time and you want KB input to reach 2 computers in parallel. I'm not sure such a thing exists as a consumer item, but it is probable. I suppose one could be made up, assuming the KB inputs on the computers are the same (e.g. PS/2 on both) by branching off (some of) the cable leads to a secondary KB plug that goes into the second machine. Some caution must be used, so as not to connect the +5 V supply leads from the KB ports together. I haven't done this myself, so I can't give any guarantees; based on the pinouts and the specs of a normal KB and PS/2 port it should be doable, though.

I found a few references to a software-based KB input splitting, but those were for UNIX. That would of course be a very elegant solution if both your programs can be run on one computer.

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