Computer Shuts Down When Not in Use Without Warning

Posted on 2005-04-09
Last Modified: 2010-05-18
I use Windows 2000 Professional and cable internet connection.  In the past week and a half, my computer will make a funny noise and then shut down without warning--no blue screen or "Windows Is Shutting Down"--it just shuts off completely. I checked to see if it was overheated by going to the Bios immediately after restarting and the temperature is always around 63 Degrees. I keep the CPU cleaned and even did it again just in case. I've run 2 different anti-virus programs, SpyBot and Ad-Aware and came up with nothing. I also made sure I didn't have an automatic shut down when not in use feature checked. This only happens when the computer is left alone for about 10 minutes, not when someone is using it. I'm very frustrated with this because it has never happened before. The computer is only a year and half old. Any suggestions?
Question by:Lartrainer
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    hi there

    i will list all what i can think that it could be the posible cose
    1- check ur power cables ..plz ...i dont want  to make fun here ...but somtimes ppl forget simple things
    2- to be sure that the problem is cosed by hardware failur or software bug i sugesset that u test ur pc by runing another operating system or even open the bios and leave it open to c if the pc will go down , if did not shout down then u have somkind of software problem if it shutdown then u have to check ur power supply and bios optiones for the overheat and power maegment
    3-check ur start up programs to c if u have any strange program there  that could cose this strange behavior

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    what is your system configuration cpu,mobo,ram,psu?(make and models too; [everest home edition] )
    what was this >> funny noise<< ?Describe better it please.
    it could be your hardrive is getting down,the most reason:>>This only happens when the computer is left alone for about 10 minutes<<,it sounds for me like if you let your hdd in idle mode it goes mad,,,
    there were many faulty ibm deskstar drives which had the very problem that the reading head makes bad sectors when it was set in idle mode,,
    if you give us the make and model from your hdd we will find the needed links for diagnosting and testing tools for your hdd...

    try to locate the noise,where it's comming from,,,do you have another hdd,if so you can replace your current hdd with the new one and test the system,,,
    you meant your coolers (cpu,system,GPU) are clean but waht about the psu fan?
    >>63 Degrees<< are for some old cpus normal value but you can also check out the heatsink if it's overheated,,,
    regarding the psu ,i am not quite sure that the problem is in your psu or not ,but you could also try to find a spare one ,for to be sure it's just not the psu...


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    Is your screen saver set for 10 minutes?  Maybe there is something it doesn't like about running an opengl or directx screensaver.. may be a video card issue or driver issue.

    May be an over-heating issue or memory problem too. I would probably find some software to stress-test your RAM to make sure it's ok.

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    Sounds like you have something SET to shut-down after xx minutes of inactivity.  There are many levels of this .... Screen blank, standby, hibernate .... all slightly different.  Look in control panel, power management, and also in the bios of the computer.

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    I have to add that I restarted in Safe Mode and it doesn't shut down. I know it can't be because it is overheating since the temp is only about 63 degrees and the speed of the CPU fan is high. I don't have anything set to shut down after a certain period of time, i.e., hibernate, screensaver, powersave.

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    Oh, the noise is coming from the CPU itself it makes that harddrive noise and beeps then shuts off.

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    One more thing...I've noticed in Processes when in Normal mode the Svchost.exe is showing three times. In Safe Mode it only shows once. I read somewhere that there is virus that uses svchost.exe to do something to the LSASS. However, no anti-virus software I'm using is detecting a virus.
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    Hi Lartrainer,
    regarding your first comment:
    please install BIOSAgent and tell us here what your cpu is:

    >> Oh, the noise is coming from the CPU itself it makes that harddrive noise and beeps then shuts off<< i think your cpu is though overheating,cuz the cpu fan,it could be your cpu fan is going "kaput",,,

    >>I've noticed in Processes when in Normal mode the Svchost.exe is showing three times<< don't worry about it at my pc it's showing right 5 times,,
    >> In Safe Mode it only shows once<< sure,if you haven't enable safe mode with network support ,though in safe mode most of the processes are not activated which run in the normal mode ,be sure it's not a fact to make wrong conclusions,,
    >>I read somewhere that there is virus that uses svchost.exe to do something to the LSASS<< if your talking about the modification of the sasser worm then you must block your ports on your local machine :135 *,441,5554 and 9996.
    * the 135 port is needed for your normal rpc connection,usually the unauthorized access can be prevented by any common desktop firewall like:
    ZoneAlarm :;jsessionid=Cbq2tRRz2Ufa7TombTYcOF01KLpJ26xvZ2W9XznN81J9r8J2A7e2!1883090443!-1062696904!7551!7552!NONE?lid=zaskulist_download
    Sygate :

    for appropriate antivirus software you can use:
    Antivir Personal Edition : but you must configure right the scanner to work at best,if you need more info for how to do it , make a posting

    regarding sasser due lsass.exe: note that this is an update only for sp1 of win xp

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