DataGrid with CheckBox and DataGrid with RadioButton

Hi all!

I need to do these following things:

1) Make a DataGrid that will have a template column with a CheckBox bind to a Boolean Column on my Database. I need to allow my user to check the options on the DataGrid and, when the user ends, he will click on a button and the status (Checked, Unchecked) will be saved on my database, indepedently of how many pages my grid has.

2) Make a DataGrid that will have a RadioButton. Only one item could be checked on the entire DataGrid so, when the user checks a new item, the previous checked item will be unchecked. I need to be able to retrieve witch item is selected (indepedently of how many pages my grid has and whose page the selected item is)

Thanks to everyone thar could help me doing this. If there is another technic that give me the same functionality and is better that these mentioned, plese tell.

Thanks all!
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for checkbox - this gives a full explanation of what has to done ...

for radiobuttons, the code would be similar as for a checkbox, but there is a slight problem .. read the link below for what the problem is and how it can be solved ...
regisdanielAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rejojohny!!!

This is exactly what i need!!! Thanks for your great support!!!
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