how to restore my hotmail messenger password from my pc

hi to all
i used to log on my hotmail automatically without typying my password
so  i forgot my password but i can still log on automatically
but i cannot restore my password from hotmail site cause i donot give the real
information about myself how can i restore my password from my pc.
thanks in advance
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Are you looking for password for your hotmail account or you want to recover password that you see already saved in your msn messenger ?
asad72Author Commented:
i want to recover password that already saved in my msn messenger
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I opened a CS question to check if giving password recovery software in EE is still legal

May be it is hence waiting for a mod to check
I was sure it was legal, sorry if it wasn't.
Like Top Nerd said use Aimpr.

Advanced Instant Messengers Password Recovery (Aimpr) can only get passwords from your computer
or a computer you have physical access...
So its not illegal.

I recomment it too. You ll get ur password in a second.

Terms of use (homesite)

"Password recovery programs offered on this Site are designed for legal purposes AND THEY ARE LEGAL as long as you use them for legal purposes. Thus, you can use ElcomSoft products provided that you are the legal owner of all files or data you are going to recover through the use of our software or have the right or permission from the legitimate owner to perform these acts. Any illegal use of our software will be solely your responsibility.
Accordingly, you affirm that you have the legal right to access all data, information and files that have been hidden.
You further attest that the recovered data, passwords and/or files will not be used for any illegal purpose. Be aware that illicit password recovery and the data decryption of unauthorized or otherwise illegally obtained files may constitute theft or another wrongful action and may result in your civil and/or criminal prosecution."

thankyou very much.  i appreciate whatever information you can provide
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