My epson CX5200 is almost 2 years old.  And has worked flawlessly.  I just replaced the ink cartridges (genuine Epson), and now it won't print.  I have done clean and nozzle check many times.  I even put the old cartridges back in (they had some ink) and they wouldn't print either.  The pages are going through, and its making noises like its printing, and the paper comes out, but its blank.  I called Epson and they said it is unlikely that 4 ink cartridges would be bad, and that I had a hardware failure----and wanted to sell me a new printer.  What troubleshooting can I do to this thing to rule out hardware?  Any thing I can manually clean, blow-out, or take apart?  
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Depending on how many buttons ur Epson has i suggest keeping the power button pressed for a minute or so till it starts blinking and then release it. See if it prints or something. If its got 2 buttons keep both pressed (the paper ejeector and the power button)  till they start blinking and then release it. Its possible that sometimes the cartridge damages the contact pointrs on the reciver end leading to a bad head. Usually this is repairable but an OEM replacement of the head is expensive.

It seems that the printer has in fact gone bad. Clean the cartridges contact points and the reciever points with a little alcohol and leave it to dry for some time and then insert the cartridges.

nobusbiljart fanCommented:
did you take the plastic foil away from the cartridges?
Many Epson printers do not swap the  printhead together with the cartridges, so they tend to get clogge after some time.
You can try to clean them with a cloth moistened with water.
An alignment check might do the trick for you. I have two of those models ( Makes a quick little remote copy machine) and both required alignment after cartridge replacement. The output was not totally void but small dots or stray lines. after running the alignment twice everything came back into focus.
If this task was also accomplished waithout success, I know of no other test other than trying a new set of cartridges.
LEECHIPTURNERAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, I think you are right---its bad.  I thought maybe the pump was clogged.  I cleaned everything with alcohol--no good.  So, I got mad at it, and just hosed out its innards with WD40.  I'll wait a few hours, and if its not better, it goes in the trash.
Thanks for your advice.
IMHO I saw that model recently available for $89 after rebate hoops. It seems the cartridges are worth more than the printer.
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