new 19"lcd gives e rror during full screen

I have a new sync master  19"lcd.. working just fine except in one particular application MSN messenger.  When I tried to do the full screen video, I had an error from the monitor that said optimum rate 1280x1024 60hz refresh?  

I don't know what  it's trying to tell me because that is exactly where I have it all set.  I downloaded the latest drivers (9 15n) but it appears that they don't exist and that what I really got were drivers for an older monitor 9 10/9 12N.   This is not a long standing problem.  It didn't give that error before now.  The only thing I know that I did is install the updated driver and hit the auto adjustment button.  

I have a new video card with new drivers.  Everything is working fine except this one area.  Any suggestions?

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The application that plays the videos may have some kind of options for video playback that conflict with the basic monitor settings (either the refresh rate or the max resolution (or both). You might need to check whatever options are available there.
linqueAuthor Commented:
It may be that you have to set the refresh rate to 60hz... you shouldn't be going any higher on an LCD monitor... and it may not be 60hz if your last monitor was a CRT.  Should check that.

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linqueAuthor Commented:
thanks J A L but if you read my first statement, my settings are already exactly as the error tells me to set it.  1280x1024 at 60 hz refresh rate
This is a function of Direct X and how, by default, all screen resolutions are running at 60hz.
I don't know your video card/Operating System/DirectX version.

Just a suggestion: As some applications are executed a sub-routine call causes a dos shell screen activation to occur.
As the LCD is DDC compliant and want's to talk back to your display card. Your LCD is informing the graphics card (and the user) of the optimum refresh rate for the given display size.

I have received this "notification" when certian applications (3D Modeling Software, Doom 3, Serious Sam) attempt to invoke direct3D environments like DirectX.

If your graphics card and LCD display drivers are correct and you don't have any reminant monitors listed under "Hardware" then I would consider this nothing more than confirmation that your DDC compliant monitor and graphic card are communicating correctly.
linqueAuthor Commented:
I am glad that this is probably a non issue except that the notice I receive does not go away while the program (msn messenger) is in full screen mode.  It just stickes right in the middle of my display and I can't really get rid of it.  Does that sound right?  

I've just checked for any extra monitors in the device manager but only this one is listed.
linqueAuthor Commented:
I thought I'd let you know that the issue was corrected inside dxdiag.  There, in the "more" tab, I had to fix the override which was at the wrong refresh rate.  All is well now
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