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tell me BEST Component

I want to buy the computer components and assamble them.
what is the best componenet that I list below
  Regardless of their prices.

1) BEST MotherBoard that be compatible with Pentium 4
   3.4 GHz and Higher (probably 3.6 or 3.7 in future)
    and has USB 2.0 port and accept EIDE cable connector.

2) BEST Graphic Card that fully support DirectX 9.0c with a Fast  GPU and has 128 MB R.A.M

3) BEST FAN for a CPU Pentium 4 .
    I want to use this computer atleast  10 hours  in  each day.

4) BEST 19 inch  LCD Monitor .

5) BEST power supply

6) BEST cable .  I heard EIDE is better that IDE 33 & 66.
     if I buy EIDE, can I use my device that I bought previously (CD ROM - HDD , ...)

7) BEST Sound Card - full duplex and with Dolby Support
Intel.com in
show its last product
"Intel® Pentium® 4 processor Extreme Edition supporting Hyper-Threading Technology" :
this product want a 1066 MHz system bus.
>> please tell me a mother board and chipset that support this.
I am a programmer and want to write MultiMedia and mathematical Application, Plaese tell me the best components that I list above.
Thank you very much.
1 Solution
Well, being a new computer... I would definately go for the latest technology... and pick a PCIexpress board like the following...

Good board with lots of awards at an average price.  Will take DDR2 memory and has EIDE connectors... if you want to use EIDE...I'd recommend the Serial-ATA if you can switch to that.

Then you could get a PCIexpress video card for it... I think the best bang for the bux would be something like a nvidia 6600GT (one made by MSI or Gigabyte or Asus) is good.  You can get faster.... go for a 6800GT... or ATI X850.

Best power supply in my opinion is the Antec Neopower 480W with Active PFC
http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=24480 (voted kickass PSU) This power supply is modular so, just plug in the cables you want to use.

As for best cable... you'll be using S-ATA... forget the EIDE or IDE or anything like that...hehe... except for the CDROM drives which don't matter anyways.  Otherwise.. it comes down to appearance only, use the 80wire round cables to make it look nice and not impede air-flow.

The motherboard has Digital Dolby built in with High Definition 24bit audio.

Best 19" monitor may be the Samsung 915N (8ms, 700:1 contrast). Can never go wrong with a samsung. NEC makes good monitors and Viewsonic.  Which is the best may be up to your eye and what you believe offers the best color saturation and contrast... it can actually be a personal thing like picking out perfume... not joking.. I have 1/2 dozen LCD's in my home office... my favorite though is the 20" Wide Screen from Dell... picked it up for $849 canadian.

As for CPU fan... use the stock fan... it's what it's made for. Lots of the motherboards have overheat protection... but, get a well ventilated case... with 120mm fans on it.  Antec Super Lanboy case pushes a lot of air and is quiet... it'll keep you cool. (plus with a window on the side)

at yourtechonline.com

1.  There is no "best" motherboard, too many differences, but almost all experienced builders would say that Asus is the best brand.  Choose a motherboard that meets your needs from their high-end products.  Many experienced builders prefer to stay way from the very, very latest until it's been out for a while and it's possible to judge "field experience".  Many people still like the P4C800E-Deluxe even though it's an older motherboard, for example -- because it's rock-solid and very field-proven.  But it won't support 1066 MHz FSB or the very latest processors.

2.  Video card will depend somewhat on the motherboard as it could be PCI Express for some motherboards and AGP for other motherboards.  Probably an ATI X800-based board, although a lot of people still like the older 9800Pro in systems with AGP video.

3.  The Intel factory fans that come with the Intel retail packaged boxed CPUs are actually pretty good.

4.  I can't call this one.  Look for a high brightness (250 nits (cd/m**2) is the absolute minimum), contrast ratio over 400, and the fastest possible response speed (smaller numbers are better, but there is no measurement standards, so one vendor's 25 may actually be faster than another vendor's 18).  Also, be sure it has a DVI input.  Note, for gaming, response time is very important, and you can get faster respone times in 17 inch monitors than in 19 inch montors.  Since almost all 17 and 19 inch monitors are the same resolution (1280x1024), you might want to consider sacrificing a bit of screen size for better response time.

5.  I like Enermax power supplies.  The power supplies that come with cheap cases are terrible.  You can judge the quality of a power supply very accurately by it's weight.

6.  The quesiton is irrelevant since all motherboards that you would be considering are EIDE unless they are SATA (serial ATA).

7.  I like the SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum series with the "live drive" control panel.

MOH_RAuthor Commented:
Thank you J-A-L for your reply.
I want to ask my last question :

what is the best AMD MotherBoard and CPU.

I heard from a computer seller and some of my friend that
AMD Athlon 64  with motherboard  socket  933  is even better
that Pentium 4  Hyper Threading Technology 3.2 GHz.

The seller told me " AMD is going to use socket 933 in all
its motherboard in future ".
Is this correct ?

do you recommend that I buy an AMD 64 based system?
can I upgrade it in future to more speed AMD CPU or
such as first Pentium 4 CPUs, it may change its socket ?

Thank you again.
That's a socket 939 motherboard.  Yes, the new Winchester Athlon64's are very fast cpus, and can compete and beat an equivalent rated P4 cpu in every area except video processing.  For a comparison, see:

Athlon 64 compared to other cpus
A64 2800+, 3000+, 3200+, 3400+, AXP 3000+, A64 FX51, A64 FX53,
P4EE 3.2, P4EE 3.4, P4 3.2, 3.0, 2.8, P4 3.2E, 3.0E, 2.8E

I just recently got an MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum motherboard, Athlon64 3000+ cpu, and Patriot low latency RAM and was able to push the FSB from 200 to 275, giving me memory bandwidth that was off Everest's scale.  I matched it up with an XFX nVidia 6600GT video card, but you can go for a 6800GT or an SLI motherboard for maximum performance.  It runs current 32-bit apps very fast and will be compatible with the 64-bit version of Windows when it comes out.
Yup... see callandors reply.
Personally... I have a AMD64 SOcket 939 ( Winchester) 3200+ since those chips are kind of at my price level for computing... and I picked up an Asus A8V-E motherboard.

Altho... the ABit equivalent or others are good too.  The way I feel these days... as opposed to years ago.. most manufactures are making good boards.  So, Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, ABit, DFI, EPoX, are names I would trust and there are probably others just as good.  If you want to do PCI express... pick up a DFI lanparty board with the nforce4 chipset...oooo,ahhh, fast.  Even ECS NF1 board would be good I hear... but the DFI board has UV reactive parts and it's very pretty...hehe.

http://www.dfi.com.tw/Product/xx_product_spec_details_r_us.jsp?PRODUCT_ID=3449&CATEGORY_TYPE=LP&SITE=US or

The Ultra board is cheaper... you prolly don't need SLI

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