How to run a Swat 4 Dedicated Server (windows version) under linux?


this is a question about emulating a windows software (videogame, but "dedicated server" executable, not te game itself) under linux.

I recently tried a new wonderful game: Swat 4. If you don't have it and don't want to buy it but you are interested in this challenge you can download it -for testing purposes- using bittorrent, search in ... it's a wonderful game so I'll buy it as soon as it'll be available the shops in my country (it'll take some time), actually I'm just enjoying the downlaoded version before the ppl that are waiting for the "shop" version ;).

With Swat 4, in the multiplayer mode it's possible to 1) host a game and to play it, 2) to run it as dedicated server (without playing) and 3) to install a copy on another computer, and run the Swat4DedicatedServer.exe from the other computer.
As I don't have a powerful PC to play, but i have 2 computers, the solution number 3) is a good way to balance the CPU load, host a game on my 2nd pc and play it on my primary PC.

The dedicated server is quite unstable under Win2k: it crashes and freezes the whole system (Win2k). So I wanted to try to install it under LINUX. My hypothesis is that at least linux could still be usable and let me kill and restart the crashed process, instead of being freezed like Win2k and manually reboot the machine.

I have a Debian (Woody - APT configured as "unstable" release) Linux box on a AMD Thunderbird 1400Mhz, with 512 MB ram, and integrated VGA card (motherboard: Shuttle MS21).
On the same machine I have a dual boot with Windows 2000. But I hate to reboot my machine under Win2k each time I want to play. It's the only good working solution, but still not perfect... it works for a few hours, then the system freezes.

I don't want to play the game, but just run successfully a dedicated server... so in case it crashes I can easily restart it without the need to physically access to the machine. (I prefear to access it via ssh or tightvnc).


I tried to install Swat4 with WINE: No way.

I tried with CEDEGA. The installation works. But at the end I get a few errors of writing inside my /home/myprofile/menu as I'm using "menu" for my fluxbox menu.

I run: cedega Swat4DedicatedServer.exe

I get

Your system requires the use of pthreads but the maximum system allowed stack size of 2052 kB may be too small for some games.
If you experience problems, try rerunning with "-use-pthreads no" which may help.
XRender could not be loaded
        This is not necessarily a fatal error, however some
        applications require XRender to be installed and
        may not function or display text correctly otherwise.
        Please consult the Cedega Font FAQ for more details

I get this error window: File write error

SWAT 4 requires the permission to write to Swat4.exe's folder. Please run SWAT 4 under a user account that has the appropriate permissions.

[OK] button

If I try: cedega -use-pthreads no Swat4DedicatedServer.exe

I get the same problem.

If I try: cedega Swat4.exe

I get the same problem, but if I click [OK] I get a screen telling me that my video card is old etc. and asks me if I want to proceed: I click yes, but the game is not started.

I have no idea how to proceed, maybe i should try with crossover office...

If you are a linux expert and want to take this challenge, to make a dedicated server work under linux please let me know. I'm really fascinated of the idea to be able to run it under linux. It would be great.

I know this is a very difficult question, but maybe a linux guru around here could be able to answer it...

I tried to instal Swat 4 from CrossOver Office: no way, installation fails even before starting... (Im selected "other .exe file location" and used a mounted .iso image)...

I will try also with VMWARE (I'll load from linux the Win2k installed on the other partition... I've already done this a long time ago to run other Win programs... let's see if I can manage to achieve something: it's my last resource...)

Thank you very much for participating.
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>SWAT 4 requires the permission to write to Swat4.exe's folder. Please run SWAT 4 under a user account that has the appropriate permissions.

Did you run it under root or as a normal user?

Try with root.
firepolAuthor Commented:
I runned cedega setup.exe as normal user. So i installed swat4 as normal user. It doesn't make sense that if i can write on the .transgaming/c_drive/ partition as normal user, when swat runs it says that it can't write to the swat4 folder...

By the way as root i had problems with the display, so I had to do:

#xhost +
#su - root
#export DISPLAY=:1
#cedega Swat4DedicatedServer.exe

Even if i run it as root it gives me the same error message:

"SWAT 4 requires the permission to write to Swat4.exe's folder. Please run SWAT 4 under a user account that has the appropriate permissions."

The error message is a WINDOWS window. Not a linux one. I guess this wasn't clear.

It's like Swat doesn't know how to write in its folder, damn strange, as I was able to install it in the folder it is loated...
firepolAuthor Commented:
I found the answer to this question.

My last resource was to try VMWare. With VMWare it works. The performance is not good enough to say that it works perfectly, but it works.

Im trying now to gain some performance, but that's another question. If you are interested, check here:
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