Outlook disconnects from exchange server

I am a remote user and am connected to Microsoft exchange server via a Cisco VPN and DSL connection.  I'm using Outlook 2003, and it periodically disconnects from exchange server sometimes quite often.  Sometimes it will reconnect, but when it does not Outlook hangs up and I have to log off and log back on in order to get Outlook to run again.

I am having a similar problem on 2 other computers at this location.  Occasionally the VPN also disconnects.  Although this does not seem to be related to the Outlook problem with the VPN disconnects.  Most times I reconnect and Outlook still functions

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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A.V.Lead EngineerCommented:
Try this in Outlook.
Tools>Options>Mail Setup>
Make sure Hang Up after Send and Receive is not checked.

Also, in Outlook try increasing the timeout settings for the Exchange server.
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