Data Recovery from the Lost Partition

Hi Experts,

I was using windows xp pro edition in my pc. the hard disk had partitions C, D, E and F.  i deleted all the partitions and then recreated C, D and E partitions while trying to install win 2k pro edition. Now i badly need the data that was present in the old partition F. I am using Drive Rescue to get the data from the Lost or Deleted partition. I can only see Logical Drives C, D and E. How can I get back the data from the old F partition. I have taken the precaution to not use the D and E partition so far.

Please Let me know how can I get back my data in old F partition.

Thanks in advance.

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grujiczoranConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I’m not sure if program you using is free or paid version, and if I’m talking about same program. So forgive me if I’m wrong.
Drive Rescue as far as I know dos not support NTFS file system completely, so if I’m talking about same program I suggest you not to use it unless you have FAT32.
If data is really important and I think it is then you my consider purchasing some more reliable software for that purpose.
Go to Google and search for data recovery software. You will find many products. Choose one that have best revives and that fits your budget best.
Once you have good software:
•      Stop using drive you wish to retrieve data from. More you use it, more chance are you will retrieve unreadable data or not retrieve at all.
•      Move your drive in question in to another system as slave or add to an existing system another drive and install OS. (I will keep drive in question off till I’m ready to do recovery). Your drive in question again will be as slave. You need to do this because, once you retrieve your data, you will need to save it in to different hard drive. Otherwise data can be permanently destroyed. You may use external device as well.
•      Install your program in to newly installed OS and start it.
Success of your recovery will depend on how is good your software and how many times you did that. Firs time is best, after, chances are smaller and smaller.
Select all partitions at once. Depending upon software you will use, you may have options do recover everything or just files you need, by name, size, extension and so on.

Little note:
It is good idea to do some research on how hard drive works and what is involved with storing, saving, reading and retrieving data.

And just for start not a suggestion: 
Also some site on FAT for start: 
And some others: 
Good lock.

It REALLY really really depends on how long ago you installed the stuff. If you deleted them, then made the new partitions, installed 2000 and used it, its most likely unrecoverable to normal means.

You could bring it to a company that would get it back, but those cost thousands. Its possible to get data back even after many many many many times being rewritten, but I don't believe and normal program can do it, it takes special facilities to do that.
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