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Win 98 Laptop Hard Drive Upgrade

I have a Toshiba Portege 7010CT running Win 98 with a 4 GB hard drive.  I'm trying to install a new Toshiba 30 GB hard drive, but can't get the laptop to recognize it.  I even cloned the old drive to the new one through my desktop, and the new one will run my desktop, so it works fine.  When I enter BIOS (ACPI ver 8.10) on the laptop, it doesn't allow me any choices for hard drive settings.  What should I try next?
2 Solutions
the lappy might just be too old to recognize that big of a HD... you could get a usb or firewire adaptor to make it external and just run the OS off the old one and put your files on the big one. but also you could check to make sure its the only master or the only slave etc. my laptop only allows one master and one slave. if the cd and the HD are both set for master or both set for slave only one is recognized at all. and make sure the IDE cable is plugged in all the way.. sounds stupid but i've tried everythign before and realized the cable wasn't plugged in all the way ^_^
What company was the manufacturer of the 30 Gig Drive?

Your laptop's BIOS probably can't recognize drives larger than something like 8GB. If the BIOS update still doesn't allow you to recognize your drive, you will net a
BIOS overlay tool. Most Harddisk manufacturers have such tools, so would have to download it, install the tool to a floppy as the instructions will tell you to, then
use this floppy to install it to the bootsector of your disk. After that it should be usable by your notebook, provided it is working at all...
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Here is the link to Toshiba's Support phone numbers.

Ask them for the installation Utillity for you hard drive model, and tell them that you OS is Windows 98.


I have installed a few hard drives that way, on a Windows95, 98, and the lates a 250GB Maxtor on a Windows XP PRO.

Most of the time, the manufacturers have the software to install them.

I hope this helps you.

wskeslerAuthor Commented:
Thx for the help so far.  External hard drive is not an option (don't want that).  I updated the BIOS to 8.50, but still no recognition of the new hard drive.  Haven't yet called Toshiba support for suggestions.  I did break up the hard drive into logical partions all less than 8 GB with the primary one (C: with the OS and most other stuff) at 4 GB.  Worked fine with my desktop, but didn't help when it was put into the laptop.  I've always been concerned about the fact that I can't access the drive section in the BIOS, even when the last hard drive was in the laptop.  Then, it showed the settings for the hard drive but I could not access or change them.  Maybe that's not a problem?  I'll see what Toshiba has to say.
You haven't told us yet what make and model the 30 gig Disk has. Getting the overlay program from the manufacturer should then definitely help.
wskeslerAuthor Commented:
Sorry...the new hard drive is a Toshiba model MK3021GAS.
wskeslerAuthor Commented:
I had to backstep and put a 20GB drive in the laptop...it just will not accept anything over that.  I thought there was a later comment on here speculating that, but I don't see it now.

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