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DSL Connection Got Bumped & Can't Get Back Online

Hi Everyone:

          I have a friend who was online with Bellsouth DSL for about a week and yesterday lost there connection and can't get back online.  I had a look and see their HD is full.  The system is running Windows 98.  

          I figure the HD being full probably can account for the disconnection, but, I am not for sure.  Any suggestions for helping them to get back online will be appreciated.

          Thank you

4 Solutions
unhook everything, restart computer. or go to control panel>network settings>and click on the ethernet card or the usb connection for the modem, and go to TCP/IP settings. Make sure that it is set to automatically accquire ip address and dns, if it is, then go to start, run, and type in winipcfg then click release all, and then renew all. if none of this works, maybe it is the HD being full, or there is somethign wrong at the ISP, so call them to make sure.
or maybe the winsock is corrupted somehow, http://www.bu.edu/pcsc/internetaccess/w2fix.exe download this file to the computer on a floppy or cd or somethinga and then run it.
The first thing i would ask would be the DSL provider to see if there is a problem on their end.

Second i would recover the username/password used to log into the system.

Third, if you are using a router, set it up as specified by the DSL people (i think the DSL tec support guys can help out alot more than we can.)

fourth if you are not using a router, set it up as specified by the DSL people (i think the DSL tec support guys can help out alot more than we can.)
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George, if the hard disk really is "full" and there is insufficient room for 98 to open it's swap file or save temporary files, the OS simply will not function correctly.  You have to make room first for the OS to function, before anything like DSL access will work. It all depends on how full "full" means.  If it just happened without warning and without him doing anything in particular, it probably means the hard disk just reached the point that there was insufficient room left to function.

TO make some immediate room, you can delete all the temporary files in internet explorer.  That can amount to a bunch of room.  It is not a permanent fix, but may give you enough free space to determine that the DSL connection is, or is not, still functioning correctly.  That is where you should start, because nothing will work right without enough free space.
George, you can delete all tmp files, look here :  


you can also uninstall all old programs from add/remove programs that are no longer needed
if the system is running (normal or safe mode) open IE and under tools>Internet-options click on delete cookies and delete file in the temporary internet files section.
you can also ask the user to backup his data, and free the space, or ask him if anything can be deleted

If the connection still does not work, try to power off /on the router or modem to reinitialise it.
or try another router / modem
George I suggest telling ur friend do do this :

Go to Start > Programs>Accesories>System Tools and run Disk Cleanup. This will automatically delete all the temp files etc and anything else that might be wsting space.

Secondly you might wanna tell ur friend to get rid of some movie files or something that he has on that drive or get a larger hard disk.

Any chance that the failure was temporary? Have him check his wirings etc and the lights status of the DSL modem just in case its showing some error.

Have them run Adaware and Spybot just in case its the one causing problems.
Spybot : http://security.kolla.de/
Adaware: http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software/adaware/

GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hi Everyone:

       Thanks so much for the wide array of suggestions to try out.  I have forwarded this information to my friend and currently awaiting the outcome.  As soon as I hear something, I will post back the results and close this open thread accordingly.

       Once again, many thanks to each expert who participated in this post.  As usual, I found each response rich in content.

GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hi There:

       Thanks so much for the followups.  My friend finally got back with me and indicated there was a problem with the ISP of the DSL service.  He did not give me specifics other than the issue is resolved.  

       Thanks again for the followups.


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