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i am just starting to write a program in linux after along time writing in windows visual studios .net 2003 so i know there are somethings different and i would like to know some good documentation and sites on kdevelop with qt programs.... i am trying to set a intial value but i have no idea what to do to set it... in vs there was a void setup already and i was wondering if there is something simler to this in kdevelop or just in general with linux programing
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gtkfreakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You get many examples with the QT 3.3 and Kdevelop tutorial, when you install Kdevelop or QT on your PC. That should be a good place to start. The other place on the internet you can look at is There is a developer's page out there from where you can learn how to program with KDE.

There is a tutorial also available on the web by David Sweet. This is located at

Try it out.
zeurxAuthor Commented:
thanks.... are there anymore before i close the post
None that I know, which are free. There is a book Programming in QT by Wrox or OReilly, but it is quite expensive. Deals only with programming in QT.
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