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Hi guys: make command in linux URGENT!!!!

Hello Guys:

I'm having a huge problem with my linux distro. I currently have 2 minimal linux distros called SmallLinux  and basic linux because my computer is a 486DX computer with 12 MB of memory and 324 MB hard disk space and i don't want to dispose and i want to experiment with it. The problem is that i can't find the make command because in the shell appears this:

bash: make command not found

Can anyone can help me where can i download the make command or how can i make an installation because i want to format my partition in ext3fs and i dont know how to do it. I'm a newbie in linux but i want to begin from the terminal system bacause i want to begin with linux with this little distros..

Thanks for all

Zelda DX
1 Solution
can you install 'make' from the installation cd ,
cos I have checkedthe  gnu make which is at  http://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/make/make-3.80.tar.gz
but to install that you would prolly need 'make'.

ZeldaDXAuthor Commented:
Hi everyone:

I'm heer again. I made a 1 week break because i was trying to investigate more about the make command. Thanks for the reply avizit and you're right. I need to think in another thing. The problem is that in my work someone are being hacked the computer machines and i proposed to move the program to linux to stop the hacker. The computers works ones with Windows 98 and other ones with MS-DOS 6.22

That computer has a program that controls certain motor creators. My goal is install the following:

--- Linux
--- Some text editor (pico,e3,emacs...)
--- DOS Emulator with graphics support (The program runs in graphics mode)
--- Emulate & test the program that controls the machines
--- Some Disk utilirties to check the integrity of the disk (fsck or another one you know)

I need a linux distro that i can prepare to install this programs specially the MS-DOS emulator

Can someone please help me with a good, stable linux distro? Thanks for all of you

Zelda DX
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