OCIServerAttach Error

I am attempting to set up a user to use CR 10 and Business Views.

On my PC I have set up the Business View to access an Oracle Database.

On the User's PC, after installing CR10 - we created a report based on the Business view but when we tried to run it, CR complained of not being able to load an Oracle driver.

The instructions I received from the Web was to install an Oracle client on the PC.

We have done this but now a new error is generated when we attempt to run the report.

The error is as follows:
'Failed to open the connection. Details: - Cannot connect to the server.  OCI Call: OCIServerAttach'

Any ideas regarding how to fix this?
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The client's PC must have the same database connectivity setup as yours. If you are using a native connection, you must install the Oracle client, configure it properly, and CR must be installed with the Oracle Server option. If you are using ODBC, you must install the Oracle client, configure it properly, install the CR ODBC drivers for Oracle and create DSNs identical to yours. (Even though a Business View is being used, the actual report query will run from the client's connection.)
Make sure you've installed the correct Oracle client for your version of Oracle and if it is correct you may wish to attempt a re-install on the client.

Also, what edition of CR10 did you install for the user?  I'm not sure about 10, but I remember that CR9 Standard Edition didn't include the ability to connect to Oracle - you needed at least Professional edition to hit Oracle.

Here is a list of the supported platforms.  It doesn't indicate any problems with Oracle.


This features document indicate standard should be able to get to Oracle.  

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gawilson2000Author Commented:
It turns out that the newly installed Oracle Client was not correctly configured.

I'll split the points because although AnnetteHarper was the first to state 'configure it properly' - other experts put me on the right track or kept me from the wrong path.
Thanks ga.  Coming back to help?

glad i could help

gawilson2000Author Commented:
Thanks for remembering me!

I'd love to come back but I'm too busy with 2 jobs and being a husband and father of 4.

I've been curious for some time now  - how do you put bread and butter on the table while spending so much time on line doing this???
I don't sleep ;>)))

Actually, I have (unfortunately) plenty of spare moments at work.  My kids are grown and the grandkids aren't old enough yet to require a lot of attention (2 months and 1 yr).  Wife is very involved in other activities so I have spare hours at night.

There are times when I can't get on much.

Good luck

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