Laptop far right keys on keyboard miss hit


Recently bought a Sony Vaio FS115S Intel Centrino/512Mb/80Gb/WinXP home

It has been working fine. Firenet Anytime plus dialup connection and Norton Anti virus, SpyBot, Spyware Guard, Adware.

All of a sudden  when booted up on Sunday morning I realised the right hand side of my keyboard mishits (is that the right word?)

So my keyboard keys hit as follows

Caps lock off


Caps lock on

this is exactly the same as above except the capital letters on the left hand side are correctly capital.

Anyone know what has happened to my keyboard and how can I change it back to normal.

I have not run any applications on it. But it has been used for surfing. No virus or hijacking has been detected. But I will double check that tonight again.

Any help would be appreciated

Many thanks

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Check for a special function key, Numlock on or off. This is to emulate a numeric keypad like the larger desktop keyboards have at the right. The numlock key usually is somewhere on the top right of the keyboard, and you may have to use it in combination with the function key which is usually on the bottom left and often has a different color than most other keys. Sometimes you can also set the numeric keypad to on from inside your BIOS, so check your BIOS as well.
I cant find that vaio model number in my sony help site  ... but .... rindi is right. You have the number lock on. It's the key labeled "NumLk".
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