Taking data from two tables

Posted on 2005-04-11
Last Modified: 2008-03-06
have two tables related to this query: car table and reservation table.
In the car table i have:
In the reservation table I have :

I have a page called displaycar2.php. In this page i want to show available cars for the dates chosen. But I don't want any cars that are in the reservation table that interfere with those dates.

Just say have car with reg no 05-TN-5445 reserved for the following dates.
12/04/2005 to 14/04/2005
15/04/2005 to 18/04/2005

If a person comes along and enters in dates for rental, lets say, pickup = 13/04/05 to the 17/04/2005. the above car option should not be shown, as it is not available between those dates. Only cars that are not reserved for those dates should be shown.

I have tried implementing it with a complex sql query but cudnt get it to work

i can post code i have at moment if ye want?

Question by:acslater
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    Accepted Solution

    Not sure how your date fields are setup, but the following should work at least in MySQL with DATE or DATETIME fields (just format $pickup and $return as yyyy-mm-dd)...

    SELECT c.RegNo FROM cars c LEFT JOIN reservations r ON
    (r.RegNo=c.RegNo AND ((datePickup BETWEEN '$pickup' AND '$return')
    OR (dateReturn BETWEEN '$pickup' AND '$return')
    OR (datePickup < '$pickup' AND dateReturn > '$return')))
    WHERE r.reservation_id IS NULL;

    Should return a list of registration numbers for cars available between dates $pickup and $return.

    Author Comment

    I have the fields set up yyyy-mm-dd in the database. Will that query though give dates from the reservation table where other cars are booked on?

    for example if i want to book from mar 15 to mar 20, it shouldnt display any cars already reserved for them dates

    Author Comment

    Well i think that worked but there is a problem with it. It is not showing the details of each car. the following is the code the query and the code to show each car and details:

    include "db_connection.php";
    $connect = db_connect();
    if ($connect)
    $_SESSION['pickup'] = $pickup;

    $query = "SELECT c.RegNo FROM car c LEFT JOIN reservation r ON
    (r.RegNo=c.RegNo AND ((datePickup BETWEEN '$datepickup' AND '$datedropoff')
    OR (dateReturn BETWEEN '$datepickup' AND '$datedropoff')
    OR (datePickup < '$datepickup' AND dateReturn > '$datedropoff')))
    WHERE r.OrderID IS NULL AND transmission LIKE '%$transmission' AND c.pickup = '$pickup'";
    //Selecting all Entries from the database

          $result = mysql_query($query,$connect)or die("invalid query: <br>$query<br>".mysql_error());
          echo $query;
          echo"There are no Records with the location You have entered.";?>        <P>  
              <a href="orderpage3.php">
          echo"Please Click Back";
          while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) //;
          if(dateDiff( $pickupdate, $dropoffdate )==0){
       $thisPrice = $row["price"];
    }elseif(dateDiff( $pickupdate, $dropoffdate )==1){
    $thisPrice = $row["price"] + $row["price"];
    }elseif(dateDiff( $pickupdate, $dropoffdate )>1){
       $thisPrice = $row["price"] * dateDiff( $pickupdate, $dropoffdate ) + $row["price"];
              <table border="" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="1" style="border-collapse: collapse; border-width: 0" bordercolor="" width="100%" id="AutoNumber6">
                  <td width="141" height="74" valign="top">                                                                                    <? echo $row["Model"]; ?><b>
                  <td width="41" valign="top">                                          <b>
                    <? $filepath=$row["size"]; echo "<img src='$filepath'>";?>
                  <td width="59" valign="top">                            <b><b>
                  <center><? $filepath=$row["people"]; echo "<img src='$filepath'>";?></center>
                  <td width="48" valign="top">                            <b>
                  <? $filepath=$row["suitcase"]; echo "<img src='$filepath'>";?>
                  <td width="72" valign="top">                                                        <? echo $row["Make"]; ?>
                <td width="77" valign="top">                                                        <? echo $row["transmission"]; ?>
                  <td width="107" valign="top">                                          <? echo $thisPrice; ?>  
                  <td colspan="2" valign="top"><b>
      <input type="radio" name="RegNo" value="<? echo $row['RegNo']; ?>"<? if ($n==0) echo 'checked'; ?>>

    $period=dateDiff( $pickupdate, $dropoffdate );

    In the above i want to show the regno model make transmission and price along 3 pictures that or in the table as well, but im just getting empty rows
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    Expert Comment

    You should just need to modify the "SELECT c.RegNo FROM" part of the query to include the fields you need - possibly "SELECT c.*, r.* FROM ..." if you need all data from both tables, otherwise something like:

    SELECT c.RegNo, c.Make, c.transmission, c.size, c.people, c.suitcase, c.price FROM ...

    should get the data you need as far as I can see from the code - assuming "size", "people" and "suitcase" are all fields from the "car" table.

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