Windows XP Home does not shutdown properly?

I just did a clean upgrade of my parent’s computer from Win98 to WinXP. Everything worked fine with Win98. Now there is a problem with XP. When I turn off the PC (Start --> Turn off Computer), it does not completely turn off. What I mean by this is the system reports WinXP is shutting down and the monitor goes blank, but the LEDs and the fans stay on. The only way to get it to completely shut down is to use the power button. When the system powers on the next time, I do not get any messages from windows that the system was shut down improperly.

Things I tried so far:

- turned off power management settings in the BIOS and in Windows XP
- updated motherboard BIOS

My Specs are:

CPU: Athlon XP 2800
Motherboard: A7N8X-X
Bios Version: Rev 1010
OS: Windows XP Home SP2

Thanks in advance for any information.

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Please look at the following, if you haven't already:;en-us;308029

Check this page out:


'Clean install?' or 'Upgrade'--different things.

No error messages?  The install may have not detected your motherboard correctly--go to My Computer/Properties/Hardware Tab/Device Manager/Computer and click on the '+' sign next to 'Computer'--what does it say--mine says 'Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (APCI) PC'.

See here for a discussion about 'Shut Down Problems' under 'The Role of F5 Key and Shut Down Problems':

and more here:
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On your desktop right click

Click properties

Click the "Screen Saver" tab

Click the "Power" Button

In the new window click the "Advanced" Tab

In the combo box in the bottom group box, does it say stand by or does it say "Shut Down"?

If it says anything other than shut down, change it so its "Shut Down"  
TimoteoAuthor Commented:
r-k, rossfingal,

Thanks for the reply,  the links you suggest are full of good info.  Its going to take me a little while to work through all of the suggestions in them.


I did a clean install, I *never* upgrade a Windows OS.  Sorry for the lack of clarity in my use of words.  I am not getting any error messages.  But, I may be losing video before Windows has a chance to display them.  Also, thanks for the excellent links.  I'll check on the motherboard and post back.


Thanks for the suggestion, it is already set to shutdown.  
Did you install XP with the BIOS ACPI power settings disabled if so that is your problem...

During setup, Windows XP Professional determines which hardware abstraction layer (HAL) to install on the computer. If the computer has an ACPI-compliant BIOS, an ACPI HAL is installed and you are able to use ACPI power management features. If the computer does not have an ACPI-compliant BIOS, a non-ACPI HAL is installed and ACPI power management features are not available.
TimoteoAuthor Commented:

Your link had the answer I was looking for.;en-us;308029

The key was shutting down while in safemode.  When I shutdown this way I got the following BSOD error:

*** STOP: 0x0000007E (0x0000005,0xF9E46DAB,0xF9E699B0,0XF9E696AC)
*** NV_agp.sys - Address F9E46DAB base at F9E46000, Datestamp 3d793e1

I renamed that file and the system now powers down correclty.  My parents computer has a PCI video card so I figured they do not need this file.

Thanks to all those who posted for your suggestions.

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