What is object based programming?

I know what object oriented programming is as i have reserched it but object based programming is hard to find in depth answers on the net? Any comments or links?
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Arthur_WoodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the term object-BASED programming (as opposed to Object ORIENTED programming) has been applied to VB 6, and other languages which make use of SOME but not ALL of the Object model paradigm.

VB 6 allows you to use Objects (instance of Classes), but does not conform to the complete Object Oriented paradigm.  In VB6 there was a limited form of INHERITANCE ( called Interface Inheritance), which did NOT permit inheriting CODE from the base class, but DID allow inheriting the INTERFACE of the base class - that is the so-called public signature (the names and types of the Public Properties and Methods - but not the underlying code that supported these elements).  Also, VB6 did not support any type of 'overloading', where there can be several versions of s Method in a class, distinguished by the specific arguments used to call the method -

so, in a true OO language, you might have an Account class, and you might have an AddAccount method which might be present in several forms:

AddAccount(UserID as Long, AccountType as Integer) create a new account with a 0 balance
AddAccount(UserID as Long, AccountType as Integer, NewBalance as Double)  create a new account with a non-0 balanace

VB 6 would NOT allow you to have 2 methods with the same NAME (the arguments were not considered), where a true OO language would be able to distingush between the two ,based on the list of arguments, at run-time

Check out these documents:



The second document contains a COBOL example.


  Nayer Naguib
object oriented programming? You can code everything as an object. Just like what you see in the real world.

ok. i start with simple things:
Basically there ard 5 categories of programming Paradigms:

1. Imperative.
-Statement oriented languages
-Every statement changes the machine state
-Computation is expressed by a sequence of actions.
-Heavily based on von Neumann architecture
-Provides variables, assignments, and iterative repetitions.
Examples:  Fortran,  C

2. Declarative
-Problem specification using relations or functions.
-Functional programming (applying functions to given parameters).
-Logic programming (deductive reasoning, rule based)
Examples:  LISP, ML, Haskell, Prolog

3. Object Oriented
-Based on the concept of data abstraction.
-Uses encapsulation (data hiding)
-Supports inheritance (software reuse)
-Suitable for programming in the large.
Examples:  C++, Java, Smalltalk, Eiffel

4. Concurrent
-Parallel execution of processes.
-Multi-tasking or multi-threading primitives.
-Inter process communication and synchronization.
-Helps in speeding up the execution of parallel algorithms
Examples: Concurrent C, Java, Fortran-90

5. Scripting
-Contains a set of commands (scripts) to be executed.
-Works in conjunction with a larger application, or are interpreted.
Examples:  Perl, Javascript,shell
Object oriented is one kind of the programming Paradigms.

we can include OOP into object based:
In computer science, Object-based has two different, non compatible, senses:
A) A limited version of object-oriented programming where one or more of the following restrictions applies:
there is no implicit inheritance
there is no polymorphism
only a very reduced subset of the available values are objects (typically the GUI components)
B) Prototype-based systems (i.e., those based on "prototype" objects which are not instances of any class)

please refer:
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