I can not preview the cfm web files dont access localhost

Hi, I had Coldfusion 6.1 but when I unistalled the electricity goes down and interrupt the unistall. However I dont see the program on Add or Remove program in the control panel Windows XP Professional.  I alredy download the new version of Coldfusion MX 7.0.  When I do install the application indicate me that the port 8500 is in use and install the locally on the port 8501.  I use the Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 for Web editor and when I create the web site the wizard can detect the Coldfusion, when I test the connection is successfully however when I press preview the browser indicate me HTTP errors it can not access the localhost where the file is.  How can I fix that?
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Ryan ChongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try uninstall your ColdFusion Server, then re-install it. Then before you doing a preview from brwoser in your DW, try open a browser manually, see if you can access the default ColdFusion page at:

http://localhost:8500 or not, by then try access the ColdFusion Adminstrator page at: http://localhost:8500/CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm

if everything is ok, means the ColdFusion Server is running (make sure the ColdFusion Services are running on Windows), then you can try set the Testing Server by:

1. Open the Ste Definition Property for your site.
2. Click the Advanced tab, then select Testing Server
3. Select the Server Model to ColdFusion, set "This site contains" to Dreamweaver MX Pages Only, set "Access" to Local/Network.
4. Set the correct path for your Testing Server Folder, like:


5. Finally set the URL Prefix to as: http://localhost:8500/<myWebApp>/

6. Try save your Ste Definition Property, then try press F12 to preview your page by browser again.

Hope this work at your site there, regards
trailblazzyr55Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What you have to do to uninstall the rest of the coldfusion server is to run the coldfusion setup again, it will recognise there is a previous 6.1 installation and ask if you want to uninstall it. Select yes, let it uninstall the rest of the program. Then re-install with CFMX 7.
That's it. :o)

When I say run the setup again, I mean version 6.1 the version you want to uninstall, it will recognise there is already a version running and default to asking if you want to uninstall it, do that and then go ahead with your CF 7 installation once that completes.
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The rest with dreamweaver you should know how to do as far as setting up your local development and such. It's the same as using 6.1 as far as defining sites and such.

I'm curious, how is ryancys's answer any more correct than mine? The issue in the original question was how to uninstall the rest of CF such that it was not causing issues not being recognized in the browser on the localhost. ryancys's answer detailed how to define a site in DW which I'm sure leorive knew how to do since they'd already one defined previously. So the question in my mind that was left to answer was how to uninstall the rest of CF. The only mention towards that in ryancys's answer was...

>>Try uninstall your ColdFusion Server, then re-install it.

This is an obvious fact, which still doesn't address the original issue... how to uninstall the rest of CF since the first try was cut off during a power surge.

In my opinion ryancys's answer was detailed and long, but missed the main point... I think either in the least it should be split or Accept: trailblazzyr {http:#13755861}

Hm.. when I had a similar problem exactly this fixed the issue :)

However - you are right - it should be a split

CHANGED RECOMMENDATION: Split points between the first 2 answers.

PS: {http:#13755861} is ryancys's answer :)
Thanks Venabili =)

Uhh lol, ur right...{http:#13755861} is ryancys's answer, I haven't had my morning coffee yet ;o)

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