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Hi, I had Coldfusion 6.1 but when I unistalled the electricity goes down and interrupt the unistall. However I dont see the program on Add or Remove program in the control panel Windows XP Professional.  I alredy download the new version of Coldfusion MX 7.0.  When I do install the application indicate me that the port 8500 is in use and install the locally on the port 8501.  I do use Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 as Web Editor, and when I create the web site the wizard can detect the Coldfusion, when I test the connection is successfully however when I press preview the browser indicate me HTTP errors it can access the localhost where the file is.  How can I fix that?
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You run the uninstall again.  If that does not work then you should contact macromedia for how to manually complete the uninstall.  There are some settings remaining that were not uninstalled.

Or you could try re-installing 6.1 then uninstalling.

Or you could reintall your operating system.


This may sound funny, but re-install the coldfusion 6.1, if it still detects it, it will ask if you want to remove the old copy before installing a new one. Then let it uninstall, try re-installing cfmx7 again.

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