Linksys WRV54G Repeater?

Hi I have a Linksys WRV54G Router fitted with a high gain antenna, and wish to extend the signal range further; I am struggling to find a repeater that will do the job.

Linksys have produced a device WRE54G which does not seem to have my device in its compatible list, bugger... any ideas guys?

I do require WAP PSK security!

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The best way to extend a wireless network would be to use multiple APs, preferably with each AP being connected to the wired infrastructure.  If wired isn't possible, many APs these days support bridging whereby you can configure two or more APs to bridge between themselves as well as service wireless clients.  It should be noted that each time you bridge an AP, you are reducing the available bandwidth (two APs bridged each provode half the bandwidth of a single AP).

Once you have used a high-gain antenna, you have pretty much got the maximum range out of that AP (or in this case router).

The Linksys WAP54G supports bridging.  If you bought two of these and wired one into your router you could set up a bridge.  You cannot use your router as part of the wireless bridge, it doesn't support wireless bridging.

Hope this helps.
The other option is to use the linksys wrt54g and use a modified bios to enable WDS. This will act like a bridge AND an access point at the same time.  The problem with this is that each hop will lower your bandwith.  
Linksys do not offer such firmware for the Linksys wrt54g - unless you know something I don't? (In which case, please spill the beans!!).

Also, as there is already a router in place, why replace it?  The only requirement is to extend the wireless range, which needs to be done using Access Points.  As far as I can see, the WRE54G is a very cut-down AP that ONLY support the bridging function that is available in the WAP54G (for example).  In my view, unless cost is a critical issue, for the extra few pounds you may as well get the AP and have the full functionality.
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DangerM0useAuthor Commented:

Regrettably the wired option is out!

The idea is to bridge two buildings seperated by a public road; the reason I purchased the WRV54G device is that it acts as a IPSEC end point (poorly). I am reluctant to buy two additional bits of kit, as in my opinion there should be an easier method, why Linksys can't make the WRE54G device compatible I don't understand!

Thanks for pointing out the reduced bandwidth, I was unaware of that issue!

the WRT54G has modified BIOS downloads available from a number of sources. has a download section after you log in.  The modified BIOS allows the 60 dollar router to have the features of a 400 dollar router.  Check out the website, it is probably the most cost effective solution to the problem above.  I use one at home, and wouldn't go any other route.  WDS is the feature that will allow hopping and expanding like you need.
If you're bridging two buildings then I hate to say but I think two APs that support bridging are pretty much your only answer.  You could use two APs in pure bridge-mode (i.e. would not service wireless clients) which could provide a full-speed 54Mbs link between the buildings - though they would obviously need to be connected to the wired infrastructure at either side.

I agree that there should be an easier way - the easiest IMO would be that manufacturers added wireless bridging to their routers, not just their APs.  I have come across this problem many times before and now always recommend getting a seperate router and AP in situations where you may at some point need to extend the wireless network.

If there is another way to solve your problem, I too would be very interested, as I have not yet come across one!
Thanks, eatmeimadanish, that is very useful information.  Though should come with the caveat that modified firmware voids warranties - however, adding such facilities to low-cost routers has got to be a risk worth taking.  I'm going to have to get a WRT54G now to test this out!!
DangerM0useAuthor Commented:
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To: Chris Lockwood
Subject: RE: WRV54G - Range Expander

Hi Chris,
At present the WRV54G and WRE54G are not compatible with each other, if you need to repeat the signal off the WRV54G then you will need to:
* Purchase two 2 WAP54G's
* Disable the wireless on the WRV54G.
* Set one of the access points to repeater mode and cable the other to the WRV54G.
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From: Chris Lockwood [mailto:c.lockwood@*****]
Sent: 11 April 2005 14:47
Subject: WRV54G - Range Expander

Dear Sir / Madam

I am attempting to improve on the range of my WRV54G device, I already have the high gain antenna; having

searched the Linksys site I have come across the WRE54G, however the documentation suggests that it does

not work with this model.

Can you please advise a alternative bit of kit?

Best Regards

Chris Lockwood
DangerM0useAuthor Commented:
Poor Show!!
Yep, poor  show.  The only little glow of happiness I have is that my answer was verified by Linksys.  Sorry!!!
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