Search Bar On the Web Not Working

I have a form named $$ViewTemplateDefault

On this form I have a embedded Navigator for my view secections.  I have a embedded view section in the center.
On the top I have a window title area.  In here I have 3 hotspot buttons

Next Set of Documents = client formula @DbCommand("Domino"; "ViewNextPage")
Previous Set of Documents = client formula @DbCommand("Domino"; "ViewPreviousPage")
Expand All = client formula  @Command([ViewExpandAll])

I added a hotspot button named

Full Text Search = client formula @Command([ViewShowSearchBar])

I logged in to the web I see and I click it - takes me to a search page - I type my search critea and hit seach
I then get the following error

This page can not be displayed - Http 500 Internal Server Error

Do I need to change client to web?  Use Javascript instead of Formula?
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qwaleteeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We have to figure out why searching isn't working.  he search page itself appears, so that code seems OK, and if you are using teh standard search page, then it shoudl always do the same exact thing for every database, every view.

First, make sure you are using the simplest search possible -- put in a one word search string, e.g., MINE

Seocnd, give us the URL of the search page that appears

Next, if it isn't already the following URL, try the following:
    http:// <your server> / <your database > / <your view UNID> /$SearchForm?SearchView

See if you get the same search page, and see if that works... all [viewshowsearchbar] does is basiclaly load that URL.

Finally, try the following manual URL query:
    http:// <your server> / <your database > / <your view UNID> /?SearchView&Query=MINE
What do you get?
JaziarAuthor Commented:
The Url does follow the above.  When I put in

https://<My Server>/tracking/ecr005.nsf/ac84764031c1266b85256c44004be096/?SearchView&Query=Lingle

It dont seem to be able to find the results page.
JaziarAuthor Commented:
URL of the search page

https://<My Server>/tracking/ecr005.nsf/ac84764031c1266b85256c44004be096/$searchForm?SearchView

URL of the error page after I hit Search

https://<My Server>/tracking/ecr005.nsf/ac84764031c1266b85256c44004be096?SearchView
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JaziarAuthor Commented:
Do I need to increase the points on this one?  I would like to get this working.  
JaziarAuthor Commented:
I created a full text index and the search bar is now working but it does not find any documents.
JaziarAuthor Commented:
I have fixed this problem!
Well, no index is definitely a problem.  Glad you got it working.
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