Outlook XP send receive error

I have Office XP and grabbed my dad's copy of Office 2003 XP.  Everything worked, but then it stopped working because I had to register it.  Ok, so I uninstalled 2003 XP and reinstalled my XP and now am getting an error when I try to send/receive.  I believe the error is "No information found" though all of my old emails are there.  I looked at my account, the username and password are there and when I tried to send a sample email it worked (I checked it through the Comcast site and I'm able to send/receive through there, just not Outlook at home).  Any ideas as to what could be wrong?
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Please send an email from your outlook to your yahoo or hotmail or any of your other email address to completely verify that you are able to send email fine from outlook ..

check if your settings for your comcast accounts are

incoming mail server : mail.comcast.net
outgoing mail server : smtp.comcast.net

Also , go to tools > email accounts > view or change existing email account > double-click on the comcast account > more settings > outgoing server > enable "my outgoing server requires authentication" > choose "logon using", give your username and password for comcast.. now press OK ,,,, NEXT ,,,, FINISH..  

Now try to send email and see what happens

Also go to tools > send/receive settings > define send/receive groups> double-click on ALL ACCOUNTs and choose comcast account on the left and see if both "send items" and "receive items" are enabled..
Hi mattybrigh,

Did you try to recreate your email account after reinstalling XP ??

What happens if you try to send and receive seperately ? Do you get the same error message ?

Do you have comcast account setup in your Outlook and is that the only accoount ?

mattybrighAuthor Commented:
Actually the information was still there, all I had to do was add my password.  I suppose I could try to re-create it but all the info. is the same.  I did go ahead and purchase Outlook 2003 and it should be here in a few days, so that might do the trick as well.

I think I'm actually able to send, just not receive if you want the honest truth.  That might be the problem.

I do have the Comcast account set up and it is my only account.  

When I tried to send a test message, I couldn't click the Send/Receive button without getting that error, but it eventually sent the email based on the settings in Outlook.

Does any of that help?
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mattybrighAuthor Commented:
Sounds good.  I'm getting ready to head  home and I'll give that a try.  If it works, I'll award you points and all will be well!  Thanks for your prompt responses!
mattybrighAuthor Commented:
Ok, I'm back.  I tested and my Outlook can send emails just fine (tested with my Yahoo account), it's the receiving that isn't working. Additionally, when I push the "Send/Receive" button a window pops up that says "No Information" or something like that.  It won't even try to do a send/receive, it's an instantaneous popup that occurs.

I tried the rest of your suggestions, but still the same error.

Any other ideas?
>>  button a window pops up that says "No Information" or something like that

Never seen this before.. Anyway , do you have any anti-virus that attempts to scan for virus that you are trying to download ?

mattybrighAuthor Commented:
No, I uninstalled Norton as it was expired.
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