How do I view domino address book and calender using outlook

I have 1 user (CFO) who has been using outlook to view and modify his calender and contacts.
This has replicated succesfully to domino as I "could" see changes replicaed between the 2 user interfaces.
He uses notes to view mail.

During a blackberry handheld upgrade, I no longer have replication between outlook and domino.  His BB and notes work perfectly but I have to be able to get his outlook to be able to view and modify his calender and contacts list again.

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He must have been using SOMETHING to keep them in sync. Was he using Puma's IntelliSync to synchronize them?  Perhaps RIM's version interfered with it, in which case, a reinstall might help.

Whatever is is, there must have been something, and without further details about what he was using to sync, I can't help you.  Some other possibilities:
* Using a Lotus Notes profile in Microsoft Outlook
* Using a manual import/export
* Using iNotes Outlook Access / DAMO (Domino Access for MS Outlook)
* A third party sync program
fizbin01Author Commented:
I have recently found out that he was using intellisync.  I called the vendor and they said there product won't do that.

I have tested on my system here and I can get all my email calendar events via outlook.  I can also modify them and on the workstation or on the handheld and it seems to work.  

The only problems are, in outlook it does not display who the email was from.  The field is blank.  Also, looking at the header "options" of an email it does not give me all the email header data.... ip's handshake and all that.

The contacts list does not show up in outlook either.  If i make a change in outlook it does not replicate to domino and vise versa.

Needless to say, I'm pretty close to a resolution.

fizbin01Author Commented:
I take that back..... now the From is showing up in outlook,,, I did nothing to get this working...
Now the main contacts and we're a winner.

Still working on it?  Or done?
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