User cannot logon and authenticate through apache server and 2000 server

We have a new application that uses apache web server on a normal win xp box, working model = a windows 2000 domain user can logon (well not at the moment) and the apache server authenticates the username and password against ADS (this I gather) and the user can navigate to the next web page. Currently this app resturns on the logon page and states that the user does not have the correct rights and fails. If I use the domain admin user and password to log on through the web page is works ok, but a normal domain user cannot authenticate... I have searched through Active Directory to see what settings might be wrong. I guess the same principal will work with an app that uses ISS to authenticate windows user logons, it must be the same setting -  possibly HTTP trying to interact with active directory? Not sure.... can you help thanks!
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Carlo-GiulianiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you sure that a normal user cannot authenticate...or can they authenticate but do not have the necessary rights/permissions to access the relevant web pages?

Since an admin user *can* access the web pages, it seems that authentication works correctly.  The most obvious difference between an admin and other users is the permissions they have.  Check the permissions on the directories where your web pages or application reside.
joedoe58Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try to look for your problem at they have a FAQ that includes what to do when problems with authentication
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