Fedora and cable\DSL connection


I recently started using Fedora Core3 on my second system and love it.  The problem is connecting to the internet, when i put supported network card in Linux finds new hardware and asks for -

IP address
net mask
Default Gateway IP
Primary Nameserver

I dont know these #'s.

I tried it with my cable connection using auto DHCP but no good.  I addition next week (tuesday) I am getting Verizon DSL is it possible to connect with DSL?  If so i will need someone to hold my hand on this since i am no good with tar balls an stuff.

So if someone can help i will use cable connection until i get new DSL line.

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fixnixConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you're using the same nic as the box that works, take my above steps depending on weather you're running windows or linux and just use the same values for IP, Netmask, Gateway, & DNS.
You need to make sure that dhcpcd is running.

service dhcpcd start

If you're not running a DHCP server on anything, then see below:

You mentioned the FC3 box is your second system...I'm assuming you have a setup like:


In which case, you can get the information you need from box #1 as follows:

If box #1 is windows, open a command prompt (start/run/cmd on NT, 2k, XP or /start/run/command for 95, 98, ME) and type "ipconfig /all" then change the IP address (if box #1 is then use (or any other unused IP address in the same subnet) on the FC3 box) and use the same netmask, gateway, and nameserver addresses.

if box#1 is also Linux, then run "/sbin/ifconfig" to get the IP and netmask info of (most likely) eth0 (same thing...change the IP but keep the netmask), then run "cat /etv/resolv.conf" to get the nameserver address, and finally, "/sbin/route -n" to get the gateway address.

There should be no problem using FC3 on your new ADSL line once you get it.
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If you're not using a multi port router (like a typical d-link or linksys SOHO router) and are stuck with the one-port (or one ethernet port plus one USB port) cablemodem that your provider gave you, you may run in to other issues.  Sometimes cable providers have their cablemodems configured to only accept a connection on the LAN side from the MAC address of the network card that was used during initial setup.  There are a few ways around this limitation, but I won't bother elaborating on that now unless you need that info.
MoterRollerAuthor Commented:
Hi fixnix,

"Sometimes cable providers have their cablemodems configured to only accept a connection on the LAN side from the MAC address of the network card that was used during initial setup."

Dont think that applies to my set up.  I will apply some of the other recomendations and let you know how it works.

My question is a little misleading.  The Fedora box is not networked, set up as standalone workstation and using GNOME interface.  No other hardware router etc.

I put NIC into slot boot linux and hardware detection screen comes up requesting -


Would buying something like Mandriva make things easier and more automated?  Im not too network savy.

Thanks again.
MoterRollerAuthor Commented:
Thank You
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