Power switch on Epson Stylus Photo 820 broken

My printer stopped printing today.  The green power light was on.  But no response from the print command.  I tried to power off the printer, and the switch did not work (pushbutton switch).  The printer would not respond to pressing the button (which has always been a little cranky).  

I unplugged the cable from the computer.  I unplugged the printer, then plugged it back in.  Now the power light is off (no green) and the switch still does not work.  

I know the outlet works because the power light was on, but for grins, I used another outlet, and still no response.

I assume this is a broken switch and that there is "no way" a non-hardware person like me can fix it?

Any ideas appreciated.  ( I went through Epson's troubleshooting online, to no avail.)
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eccs19Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you try sending a print job to the printer, does it turn on automatically? I think most modern printers do that now.  It may be a easy work around instead of trying to fix the switch.  Replacement parts are probably as much as a new printer.
cornell256Author Commented:
The printer is not so old, but does not have that feature.  (It could be a few years old...)
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