send a URL page to a friend

Hi I want some one to tell How do i create the code for send URL page to a friend in Cold Fusion
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mrichmonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
2 ways)

1) Create an input to accept email address and a submit button.  WHen clicked use cfmail to send email to the friend include the URL

2) <a href="mailto:?subject=web page from a friend&body=">Send page to a friend</a>

This will bring up a email window in the user's email program
R_HosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
mrichmon's solution is the right one, but you can automate the process a bit more (so if you are using this on a bunch of pages your not copying and pasting all day)  by using cgi.cf_template_path and stripping out  the directory structure that isnt needed.  
or cgi.script_name - depends on what exactly you are trying to send - but you didn't really give a lot of information.
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