Determining T1 utilization accross cisco 1721

I need an easy way to look at the aveage utilization of a T1 circuit running through a cisco 1721.

I am basically looking for some indications of how much spare bandwidth I have over a given period of time....

Any suggestions are greatly appreicated.  Keep in mind I don't work on Cisco's very often.
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
MRTG is great. Windows port here

Other options include something like SolarWinds Orion. Free 30 day eval, but it's an awesome product if you have several routers/switches/servers that you need to monitor:

PRTG is another one, free for "home" use - ie. one single interface on one single router.
If you're looking for real history, the only efficient way to do it is with a tool that polls the router using SNMP. MRTG is a great free tool and it's not just for routers, you can poll and graph pretty much anything. Check out for some examples and to get it.

There are other tools that do the same thing but you have to pay for them.

For very short-term stats you can use "show interface serial x/x"
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