Global Catalog replication

I have a domain that I would like to make portable.  For demonstration purposes.  I have a box that I set up as a Backup domain controller, DNS Server, SQL Server, web and Mail server.  I know that is a lot for one box but it truly is for demonstration purposes only and only has 3-4 users that connect.

When I disconnect the box from the network and build the new network at the show site I would like it to work as if it were here in production.

It initially didn't work with errors like:

This computer was not able to set up a secure session with a domain controller in domain EQ2 due to the following:
There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request.  
This may lead to authentication problems. Make sure that this computer is connected to the network. If the problem persists, please contact your domain administrator.  

Do I have to have the global catalog on the demonstration box?  What else am I missing?

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so install a virtual machine in vmware or MS virtual PC
you are not using the proper software i would say :)
just install vmware workstation and run a virtual server (as many as you wish and your memory can handle)
DominionTechAuthor Commented:
I'm not complaining of system performance.  I need the station to operate as it's own domain when removed from production.
DominionTechAuthor Commented:
I guess I don't understand what you are getting at theruck.  How would the virtual machine make sure that my domain controller has all necessary services to function independently from the network and also function with the network.
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