upon remote desktop connection to server 2003, allow users to execute only 1 application.

I'm new with this but here is what I've set up: users establish VPN connection to the remote server 2003. Using remote desktop they are able to connect to the server and run application. The ideal solution would only load appropriate application and wont allow them to do anything else. (example: user connect, application load; user closes application, connection closed)
The problem is that application that i need to run executes by -->"C:\Dpw32\dpw.exe -cc\C:\Dpw32\fox.dbf"
I've tried to create executable (using AutoIT) that executed upon establishing Remote Desktop connecting, but it did not work.
I'm open minded toward different solutions as long as they come close to the ideal solution.
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2hypeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can set it in each user account in Active directory.  Edit there account and select the Enviroment tab and set which program to start at logon.  When they logon it will open that program and when they close it it will close that program.

You could also go to Terminal Services Configuration.  Under Connections right click the RDP-TCp(or whatever its called) and select properties.  Under Enviroment set the application to start when they logon.  This setting will overide any setting they have set in there user account settings.  It is probally easiest to set it her because you dont have to set it up for each user.
How about setting a GPO in User Configuration -> Adm. Templates -> System -> Run only allowed Windows applications?

Specify your app (dpw.exe) as only application the user can run and start it when user logs in (AD: user -> user properties, Enviroment -> Start the following program at logon: .....).

I dont know how to end the session when the program ends but hope this helps anyway.
maximyshkaAuthor Commented:
How about vise verse: if they close the program it closes connection? Is there such settings?
if you tell it to start a program at logon all that appears is the program.  no desktop items, no start menu will be seen.  when the application is closed the session ends.
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