FrontPage Configure server extensions 2002

We are using IIS 6, with pages, server 2003(standard edition) and FrontPage.  Also there is Sharepoint on this server.

I cannot configure server extensions 2002 which is keeping me from being able to use pages.  I get the configure server extensions 2002 in the pop up menu when I chick all tasks for the default web site.

This is the message I get when I click it:

Service Unavailable

Microsoft Internet Explorer's Enhance Security configuration is currently enabled on your server.  This enhanced level of security reduces the risk of attack from Web-based content that is not secure, but it may also prevent Web sites from displaying currently and restrict access to network resources.  

  I saw someone in here who had the same problem and was told to open port 4952 on his firewall.  That person said that opening the port did not help.  He said it turned out to be some other issue but didn’t say what it was.  Does anyone have any answers?  I looked at all of the other issues people were having with there pages and didn’t see anything else that might be causing my problem.  

I'm not sure on the points.  It is difficult to me but may be easy for one of your experts.
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miker55Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for the info.  I solved this problem by uninstalling the IIS in add and remove programs.  When I reinstalled it I was able to then configure my extensions and then after I reinstalled in the same area I was able to start up a new ASP.Net page.  
It appears that your security settings for IE are set to high (Tools>Internet Options, Security Tab) try lowering the settings to medium, or adding your site to the trusted sites list.
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