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I have used gpedit.msc on windows 2000 to force all of our users to use the winexit.scr screensaver.

There is an option checkox when you configure winexit.scr to "Force Application Termination."  I want to force that option on all users but I cannot figure out how.

Right now, I log on as local admin, configure winexit.scr but it only configures winexit.scr for me and not for all users. So how would I go about configuring it for all users? I can force them all to use winexit.scr easily enough, I just cannot figure out to force all users to have the exact same configuration settings for winexit.scr.
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Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:

You can do it by using a key and registry setting for Winexit.scr. When you click on the "Force Application Termination" the winexit.scr will save a registry entry in registry. First of all you need to find the registry saved when you tick on the above setting and then create a batch file, include the REG file and then apply it using Group Policy. If you are not able to find the where in registry the settings are stored then you run a utility called "WININSTLE" from Windows 2000 CD which will give you the changes made when you configured the screen saver. The path of WININSTLE is \VALUEADDED\3RDPARTY\MGMT\WININSTLE. This software has two parts: - Before Snapshot and After Snapshot. When you run Before Snapshot it will perform a scan of all the files and registry entries before you make any changes to the system and then will ask you to run here you do not run application and simply make change in Screen Saver. After making changes in screen saver or configuring your screen saver run the After Snapshot. When After Snapshot is complete it will save all changes made in the system.

Let me know if you are not clear.

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xy8088Author Commented:
Nope. I still cannot figure out how to make it work. Everything that I read makes it look like I just have to configure it as Admin and those configuration settings will be used by all users. But I configure it as admin and those configuration changes only affect admin while the users just end up with winexit.scr set to the default settings.

>>one way could be that all users would use the same user profile template

I am unsure how I would go about creating a profile template that included these specific configuration settings. The link didn't really say but from reading it, unfortunately it looks like it would increase the complexity of our network setup and cause more problems than it would solve.

>>This might help:

Sadly, I can already do everything that link describes. My problem is not that I cannot get the winnexit screensaver to run. I can get it to run for all users easily using gpedit.msc. My problem is that there are certain specific screensaver settings, specifically the "Force Application Termination"  setting, that I need to configure for ALL USERS but so far I can only configure it manually for the user who is logged on.
xy8088Author Commented:
OK, I could not get WININSTLE to work properly, it kept giving errors saying that it could not convert .NAI files to .MSI files. But SystmProg gave me a good idea with monitoring the registry for changes. So I loaded up RegMon from Sysinternals and viewed what changes were made to the registry when I configured the screensaver and it looks like I found the answer:

Under the following registry key "HKCU\Control Panel\Screen Saver.Logoff\ForceLogoff" I just need take make sure that it is set to ForceLogoff:REG_SZ:1 and not ForceLogoff:REG_SZ:0.      

SystmProgs comment gave me the idea to use Regmon so I'll award him the points. Thanks for the help.
Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:

WININSTLE is the easiest way.
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