Access is Denied. The source file may be in use. copying a file over itself

In Windows 2000 I'm getting the error "Cannot copy mftp32: Access is Denied. The source file may be in use." when copying a file over the exact same file in another folder. The file is on a server drive and I'm trying to do the action from a workstation. The file name is mftp32.ocx (ActiveX) If I try the same copy within a Terminal service session it works. I have admin rights to folder and file. As much as I can tell nothing has the file open. I have an upgrade that is failing because the file is open exclusively. I believe if I can correct the issue that is causing the error above the upgrade will also work. - Thanks for your help.
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maybe the antivirus has the file open in the time of copyiing and missunderstoods it because you have 2 files of the same name opened. try to disable the AV first
KJTannerAuthor Commented:
I disabled the anti virus program and booted the PC - I still get the error when doing a copy.
can you rename the destination file?
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KJTannerAuthor Commented:
The names are the same, just in different folders.  
You're getting closer though. I gave the file a different extension and copies work. Unfortunately I need the file name to stay the same for the upgrade.  - OCX - ActiveX
rename or delete the old file... then copy the new file into that direction it is the same like copying over
KJTannerAuthor Commented:
The upgrade has to copy over the file mftp32.ocx. The upgrade is automated so I don't have the option of remaning the file and copying it. The issue seems to be the type of file that it is. I deleted the original files and renamed the files I was just testing with back to the original name and now the copy is failing again. - Thanks for your thoughts but we're not there quite yet.
you could do a script which would delete the file then run the upgrade...
maybe the setup itself opens the file
is the folder mapped as a local drive?
KJTannerAuthor Commented:
The software maps a drive.
I tried deleting the file before the upgrade but it still have the issue.  It's strange that one cannot copy a file with the extension of ocx.
can you copy the file "by hand"? or is only the upgrade procedure failing?
so if there is no file in teh destination folder the error message cannot be because of the shared folder so you have to investigate the computer you are installing the upgrade from
maybe it is time to be more specific and describe the upgrade procedure and all the things which are important.
How is the file copy happening? Is this something like InstallShield, Winstall, Windows Explorer etc?
the file appears to be Mabry Internet FTP Control. maybe your app opens a control that use that ocx or you have other app that use that file. do you have an ftp server or client in that pc? if yes try to stop the service and then replace it.

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Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
I agree. The file is being used by the software. Stop the service of this software and then try to copy.
KJTannerAuthor Commented:
I've moved the files that I've been manually copying to another server on which the copy now works. The main difference between the servers is FTP/IIS. The server without IIS does the copy without an error. Thank you all for your help.
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