BAR CHART in EXCEL data is upside down..

I have a BAR CHART graph that is working fine.. except the output is backwards... The data is received from an area on the sheet which is hidden..

The source data is

Aquatic Rescues      12
Cliff Rescues      5
Preventative Safety Actions      12
Major Medicals      4
AED Cases       6
C-Spine Injuries       7
Near Drownings       12
Minor First Aids      1

The problem is it is showing the MINOR FIRST AID category at the top and I need it to be the same as the above.. The Aquatic Rescues are on the bottom and I need them on the top just like they were entered.. I have tried to change things but it isn't working..

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Hi Steven,
1) Right-click the Category axis
2) Choose Format Axis from the pop-up, and go to the Scale tab
3) Check the box for "Categories in Reverse Order"

And if you want the number scale to remain on the bottom, you also need to check the box in the same dialog for "Values (Y-axis) crosses at maximum category"

Shaft960Author Commented:
Hi Brad,

I tried that and it did change the order, but not to what I wanted.. I'm sure I gave you wrong info..

The chart shows

Aquatic Rescues                    ******
Cliff Rescues                         ***********
Preventative Safety Actions     ********
Major Medicals                      ****
AED Cases                             **
C-Spine Injuries                     **************
Near Drownings                     *****
Minor First Aids                      **
                                             1    4              10    12  ....
The Names like "Aquatic Rescue" are in a legend. In sort of another legend chart.

When I changed it to how you suggested it did reverse the order of the bottom numbers.. It had it start with 12... to 1

I need the bottom numbers in the chart to stay the same and the order of the legend and data in the chart to reverse.. the bottom name of the legend should be at the top.. and the bottom values in the chart need to be at the top as well.

I hope you understand.. Also, I have a question about creating a shortcut through code... if you could check that out that would be cool... I can't get it to work...

Thanks from sunny California..


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Shaft960Author Commented:
I found a way to move the bottom up.. by moving it down.. It says in series order. it has what I want at the top.. but if I move it down to the bottom then it is on the top of the chart.. I guess I could do that to all of them.. but I don't think that is the right way..

Please see if either of the bar charts in the sample workbook are what you had in mind:

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You may have clicked the wrong axis. You want to click the one with the category names--which would be a Y-axis if this were a scatter chart. The numbers that measure the length of the bars shouldn't be changing, just the names of the categories.
Shaft960Author Commented:
Excellent Brad.  Thank you again.

Look at my shortcut question when you have a chance.


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