copy to COM in cmd prompt


I'm trying to send files to a thermal printer via RS232.  In the manual, it says i can just send these command files to the printer via dos copy with the /b binary switch.  My printer is on COM3..  what is the syntax for copying to a COM port?  i can't figure it out..

thanks - Trevor
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copy filename > com3: /b
copy filename > com3: /b

I assume you really meant:

 copy filename com3: /b
trevorhartmanAuthor Commented:
thanks all.... when i copy a file to the printer is it supposed to print?
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trevorhartmanAuthor Commented:
it says 1 file(s) copied, but i was expecting it to print..
The most likely problem is that the baud rate (or handshaking protocol) is not matching.

Do you know what baud rate the printer is expecting?

If not, try the following command from the command prompt before using the above Copy command:

> mode com3: 9600,n,8,1
> copy... etc.

Also, make sure you have the proper cable (there are at least two types, pins 2 and 3 are crossed over, or not).

Also, create a very short text file with notepad, say "temp.txt", and try printing that first:

> copy temp.txt com3:

This may be obvious, but are you sure that COM3 is the port your printer is connected to? Most PC's just have 1 or 2 serial ports.

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trevorhartmanAuthor Commented:
great, thanks for your help, i got it working
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