Sharing a calendar event in Outlook / Exchange Server


I want to share a specific calendar event in my personal Outlook profile with the entire organization which is on Exchange 2003 Server. I cant seem to get this working, tried delegates and sharing. I do not want to send people invites to view this.

How can it be done?


Chris B.
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RogieRogConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Using delegates should work.  Have you tested opening up your calendar from another user's Outlook client after you have added them as a delegate?
Could you have your exchange administrator create a company wide shared calendar?
I'm not sure I understand the problem, but you cannot share an item in a calendar, if you haven't shared the calendar.  It cannot exist outside of a calendar, so you either have to share your calendar with everyone or add the event to their calendar.

You do have the Free/Busy functionality so that anyone in the organization can see that you are unavailable during that time, if that works.

If the above isn't helping, and you can provide a detailed description of what you are trying to do, maybe there is a different route to go.
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