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Posted on 2005-04-11
Last Modified: 2010-04-03
Hey everyone,

I know there are plenty of flash developers on here and what I'm wondering is how much I should expect to pay for a fancy shmancy site that's done up in Flash.

I know, it's not exactly a technical question, but that doesn't mean it isn't important or difficult.  Have a look at this site:

First, what would you rate the difficulty of such a thing from 1-10

Second, if you were looking to have someone do a site like this, what you would expect to pay?  $3000?  $13,000?  $30,000?

Mind you, I'm not asking what you'd charge, and I'm not looking for someone to do a project like this so please don't offer.  All I need here is an understanding of this sort of thing for a bit of research I'm doing on web technology and design.

Your help is greatly appreciated, so I'm sticking 500 points on this question for the most comprehensive - and original - answer.  Don't just give me a bunch of links to other sites, that's annoying - I'm asking you for your answers, not other people's answers.  :-)


Question by:VB_ARGH
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    Pay... Actually it really varies a lot. Company / Freelancers. Designers from different regions. The prices are different. I guess US$3000 MUST be able to have something like the one you provided here. Even if you only pay me US$300 I will do it.

    To judge the difficulty, I will divide it into two parts first. Technical and Art.

    For technical, I will give this a "3 - 5"
    Because all the techs that need will be simply button effects. I don't think it is very difficult.

    For art, I will give this a "6 - 8"
    Because this kind of cartoon is quite well drawn. I think it worth this score.

    Actually to design this kind of website, most of the time is not code development, but art development. And you know, there are too much art designers out there, so this really won't cost much. In my point of view only. And that's the case in Hong Kong. Don't know how other places' going.

    Hope this helps
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    just wanna see the answers

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    Hi there.

    Here's my 2c.

    First of all, in terms of overall impression. Good. I like the use of colours, looks fun and easy to navigate. Loads fast.
    So if I had paid for this site, I'd be generally happy.

    Technical difficulty, I'd say not at all, about a 3/10, that's not to say it's not hard work though. That's a large site, with many components. It would be a time consuming project, not a difficult one, and we all know, time is money.

    Then in terms of the design, that appears difficult to me (as I can't design or draw to save a drowning puppy) - alot of drawing went into that.

    The fact that its billingual is another consideration. Looking at the URL, i'd imagine the developer has actually built 2 versions of the site. Not very reusable and robust, or productive, would have been more viable to use external datasources to pull in language based on language variable selection.

    anyways, our company has built many similar things, though on CD-Rom, and very much more interactive, but also very drawing intensive, and we charged about R50 000 - which is a fair sum of money, however, there's no point converting to US$ as it doesn't really work that way does it.

    If we look at it in terms of big macs - a big mac (alone) will cost about R15. so R50 000 will get you about 3300 big macs.
    (Sorry to any vegetarians reading this).

    ok, that's me done.
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    Vicker and Blu,

    That's something I was expecting to see, honestly.  On one hand, a site like that could get done for about $300, then Blu mentions 50,000 Rand which is about $8K USD (Big Mac monetary conversion - hold the pickles and save the puppies).  Talk about a difference!

    The consensus with both of you is that the site isn't entirely difficult unless you can't draw worth a crap.  Now this is certainly an international view of the project, I'm going to check in later and hopefully someone from the US can chime in on this too.

    Thanks to both of you so far!

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    Howdy...  :)

    The site is not really 'hard' thing to do, but here are a couple of things that I might add unless I am totally mistaken...  ;)

    #1.  The site is composed of other elements, ie HTML...  The price for this should be taken into the consideration unless ARGH just wants the price estimate for the Flash piece... (The links are quite packed...  It's not really an easy job to handle all that...)

    #2.  The site is provided in English and Espanol...  That'll require somebody who can speak both languages...  The money for that resource should be taken into the consideration unless you are getting the whole copy from the client... (Still, you sorta need to know the language if you are not familiar since you'd need to import that data into your piece...  Also, make sure that you are ensuring that the Flash movie dynamically changes the language/assets...

    #3.  The voice over...  This is not really cheap either unless you are getting all the material from the client...  The cost of the person who can do the voice over or the recording devices and such...  

    I might be missing something else, but I guess we've dealt with most of the big things so far...  ;)

    I'd say that this is not the biggest job on the planet, but it is quite huge project that could last 3 ~ 4 months if done from the scratch, and the cost will be probably somewhere around $10,000 ~ 25,000 depending on the size of the company where you are working...(You know you pay more for the big ad agency and small for the freelance/small company stuff...)

    Well...  That was my 2 cents...  :)

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    Hi all,

        if (work<75000){
          trace(amateur * stupidity)

        That's saying:

        Technical level may be medium (5) on the first page but on the sub sites you go fro 7-9 (scrapbook, games, e-cards, soundmixer etc.)
        The site contains a lot of content, graphics and sound recordings which do not come for free unless you are multi-talented with a both
        male and female voice.  Also consider the educational element, the general look and feel and the time it takes to do....
        Then ask yourself,  if I can do all this... what would I like to be paid an hour??
    Jakob E    &#950;'
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    I agree with the experts before who say this type of site would cost you in the thousands of dollars to develop, at least by the non-starving web dev street bums out there, who would do it for a few 40s of Maddog or whatever hehe The custom art was most likely done from scratch, and that takes considerable time, which means that cost some money (no matter how many artists are out there in hte world - Im still waiting for some hard data on that claim). Also, as Jakob points out, the main page may be simple, with merely links to other sections of the site (as it SHOULD be! A site's home page should be easy to navigate, and straight-foward, if it's designed for the general user, and this one is desinged largely for KIDS, who need it to be even simpler), but the sub-pages required a much higher level of technical skill (which again, costs money, no matter how many starving programmers/web devs there are out there in India). So... while I cant put an exact figure on that site, I'd imagine it would be anywhere between the $3000-$10000 price range, though that can vary largely, as web design doesnt have a standard pricing schemata like some other business models (art, ya know..). Anyways, I hope that helps some. Oh, and I'm American hehe

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    Thanks everyone for your comments.  I split points for this one and appreciate all of your responses!

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