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Speed of Wireless Access Points. Thoroughput

I have tried a couple of different cards in my computers, and a couple of differnt access points.. Dlink, linksys, belkin.  I am not getting the data through the connections near the speed I get by wire, even with dlinks 108g stuff. We run an application that uses and old DBASE database and the database is getting large, is there a difference with the Higher quality wireless products?  Or is pulling and using a large data base wirelessly just not going to be done at this time?

1 Solution
a co-worker got one of the belkin pre-n models and it seems to be leaps and bounds better than g/a/b stuff.

Particularly with the older technologies, you were dealing with half-duplex connections where the performance would degrade further with each new user who connects, since for all practical purposes, it was like a big hub.

newer implementations have tried to get around some of these issues by having tx and rx antenna. You'll still see lots of degradation as you get further away...and just a guess...think signal strentgh ~= 1/distance ^2

you get the idea. expect bandwidth across wireless networks to have a similar performance degradation.
Any wireless you get, even pre-n is going to be less than wire speed. Yes, pre-n is faster than a or g. Yes, it may have thruput maximums higher than 100 mbps. But it won't touch gigabit, and it won't touch the benefits of a switch.

When you have wireless, by default you have shared media (hub). Unless you get an access point per client (or a crazy vivato wireless switch with 13 radios in it) you will have shared media.

If you are pulling the whold DBASE file in to each PC you'd be better off with an unmanaged gigabit switch than a wireless anything.

Don't get me wrong - wireless is wonderful in it's place. Roaming laptops or PDA's work well, and we have installed many wireless phones (802.11 b) which work very well. But wireless is not a replacement for wired if you have a choice and want good throughput.

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