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I run a software company and i have staff in both Australia and India.  I'm looking to recruit in both places - but know the Australian market - and am looking for some situational awareness in india.

In australia - we use as an excellent site where many thousands of IT workers go to post jobs.  We've stumbled accross by googling it - does anyone know of any other indian job sites?

we're looking to hire a senior programmer / team leader with architectural skills - who is preferably MCSD qualified
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BITS is a deemed University established by BIRLA's in Rajasthan, Pilani(small village with around 220acr land).
BITS has branch in DUBAI and newly started a branch in GOA (this year) Other than that there are no branches for bits anywhere in india. I am a student from BITS in the final Semester of my Engineering. It Admits students into Engineering based on top 1% from each state in their +2 %. So that makes it to take the cream out of each state with students ranging from 95% to 98% range.

Anna University is in chennai. IIT madras (chennai).

Yes rankings will be given yearly for Best colleges in India in Engineering stream (normally i see them in Outlook, India Today Magazines).

Definately there will be rankings somewhere on the net. I will try to find out and get back to you.

You can login to the above three sites as told by karanw and register your self as a JOB RECRUITER and search the list of people with the profile containing some key words (for what u are looking for), and you can send instant messages to the corresponding people in need of jobs. are the major ones as told by karanw.

Apart from that, you can also compose an email to the following e-groups that run very actively. There are millions of users subscribed in the following.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

There are a lot of consultants running around in-case you want are providing jobs.,

However as Recruitment process becomes very cumbersome if you are looking for professions with less number. In that case, an employee referral would seriously add an advantage.

Another major way of doing it is to stream line your requirement to match a set of other companies that are working on the same areas and forward your requirements to the HR managers of the same with handsome pays. that should really work out. Throw money and take talent.

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If you are looking for a single post :

>>>we're looking to hire a senior programmer / team leader with architectural skills - who is preferably MCSD qualified

Then you can as well post the same on any of the leading job site (naukri, monster, jobsindia etc). In-case you are looking for experienced ppl with stream lined qualifications then you can better reach out job consultancies / employee referrals.

If you want an extreme fresh engineering knowledges that have excelled in their academics afresh... You can as well walk-in to several campuses to conduct campus interviews and recruit them (IIT - indian institute of Technology, Kanpur, kharagpur, delhi, chennai BITS - Birla Institute of Technology and Science Rajasthan are the Exceptionally talenented institutions in india where campus recruitment is still going on.)
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Wow - thats a great response - i'll try to figure out how to split the points appropriately.

Out of curiosity Is BITS the best university in Chennai?  are there rankings somewhere?
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