adwords cost per click very high in web design category.


I am using Google Adwords to market my web design business, I started with a jumpstart. My advertising edge is that I charge low prices. I've had to put my key words up to $5.00 per click to get about 3 or 4 clicks throughout the day on key words such as affordable web design, cheap web design, etc. What can I do to make my advertising more effective. I want more clicks but I already show up in slot 1 to slot 3. Do I just need to be patient?

Here's my landing page:

What can I do?

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Go for niche keywords what your company offers .

flash web design
small business web design
flash web site design solution

just targeted keywords , get them from digital point .com

and bob your site is poorly low on content , add some nice content that why i should by from you instead of any one else. Make Your site Your Virtual Sales Man.

i dont have time otherwise i have much more to say

- mcse20002000

weikelbobAuthor Commented:
I'd like to hear more later.


Ask your self

1) Do you like your site?

2) Does it provide enough information to user?

3) If u look at your site from a customer's Prespective will u buy from this site?

My Answer to all these questions is NO

Now its Your work to convert this answer to yes,.

I think you know it pretty well. Just put yourself in customers boot. in mean time dont watse money on adwords. the site is not worth it . its not adwords that make the sale its the site that makes it .

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weikelbobAuthor Commented:
How can I improve my site for use on Adwords?

I think those are two separate issues, really.  mcse20002000 is correct that a successful adwords campaign can deliver traffic, but it is the website that makes the sale.  You can certainly make improvements to the website that would result in a higher conversion rate (traffic -> sales) and you can take a look at making some SEO (search engine optimization) changes to your site, which would improve your search engine position and potentially generate more traffic outside of your ad campaigns.  This is valid because if your clicks don't turn into contracts, your ROI is not good enough to justify the cost.  But neither of these directly addresses your specific objective as stated in your question, which is to generate more clicks from your Adwords campaign.

I think that mcse20002000's suggestion to be more specific and focused in selecting your target keywords is an excellent one.  You can expand that approach a bit by creating several campaigns, each of which targets a specific set of refined keywords.  Measure the results for each campaign over a period of time to see which ones are more effective.  More specific keywords should produce a greater response, but only up to the point at which your keywords become sufficiently obscure that the response starts to decline again.

Likewise, it would be ideal to test different ads for each set of keywords that you use.  However, this ends up being fairly complicated and expensive given that you are advertising in a very competitive area.  You're not paying $150/mo for 1000 clicks, but rather about $600/mo for 120 clicks (according to the numbers you provided above), so you don't have as much flexibility in your approach.  This is unavoidable as greater competition will always lead to greater costs.

Another option is to compare costs and results on some of the PPC alternatives like or  Ultimately, though, each of these solutions relies of the same basic concept - try a variety of approaches, measure the results, and stick with the winners.  This should be an ongoing process as well.  For example, if you test five campaigns, keep the two most successful and select three more for testing.
weikelbobAuthor Commented:
OK, I can try some more campaigns and watch stuff carefully.

How do I improve my landing page and site?

The main things I would focus on if I were you:

1) Optimize your site - see

2) Get some incoming links a.s.a.p.

3) Redo all of your text content - you've taken a very personal approach in how you promote your business on the site, ie. "I offer small business web designs that are well-organized and fast."  I'm not sure that's the right approach.  I suspect that a more formal/corporate approach would be more attractive to potential clients, ie. "We offer a range of web development services, including web design . . ." etc.

Even if you prefer to remain with the personal approach, however, you will still need to redo your content.  There are spelling mistakes (ie. "There is no warrantee for any of my pages") and numerous instances of bad writing and/or grammatical errors (ie. "I've been doing computers intermittently for 20 years" - ? - or "I offer small business web designs that are well-organized and fast.")

Writing is a very specific skill and unrelated to web design.  I would suggest that your design skills surpass your writing skills by a significant margin :)  (speaking of which, I quite like the headers on your site - if you did those, you did a great job).  Freelance writers are readily available.  Good (and affordable) freelance writers are available at  I've never used them myself, but duz has recommended them several times based on personal experience and that's good enough for me.

FYI - freelance writers that provide web content -

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weikelbobAuthor Commented:

What are incoming links?

Also, I can write like I learned in college. All full sentences, semicolons to breakup complex sentences. Using different sized sentences for diversity, etc.

Will using some of these writing skills help? Could you give me a couple more sentences showing me examples of how to present my text?

How can improve my terms page, or should I include it at all.

Flash often takes me too long, I don't prefer to use it. Should I even mension it?

What else should I do?

I can't tell you how much your advice saves me time, energy, and money.


see your competitors's site

see how well they are organized , what kind of text they provide and how

this will give u a startup guide line.
"What are incoming links?"
Incoming links (or backlinks) are links to your website from other websites.  There is a good section on links in the SEO tutorial linked above.  BTW - the tutorial will be very useful for you in terms of improving/optimizing your own site, but as a web designer, it really is essential to have an understanding of SEO so that you can create webites that are more effective for your clients.

mcse20002000's advice to look to your competitor's sites for the sake of comparison is a very good one.  This will be especially true once you select the keywords you wish to optimize your site for.  When you search those keywords, you'll see exactly who potential clients will be comparing your website and services with.  This can apply to every element of your website.

"Could you give me a couple more sentences showing me examples of how to present my text?"
Here are some examples of web design companies with different approaches.  Read through their text content:

"Flash often takes me too long, I don't prefer to use it. Should I even mension it?"
In that case, I wouldn't mention it, especially since you are trying to provide low-cost options for people.  However, another approach would be to offer it as an extra - in other words, if they want to add flash to their site, they have to pay a little more on top of the base price.

"What else should I do?"
The things we've outlined here represent a lot of research and a lot of work.  I'd start with those.  When you've applied some of these things, post your URL and request a site critique in both the Online Marketing section and the Web Development section.  You'll get some great feedback from some first-rate experts.

"I can't tell you how much your advice saves me time, energy, and money."
That's what makes posting on E-E worthwhile :)
weikelbobAuthor Commented:
I've got plenty of advice to look through for now, I'll close the question.
Good luck with the site.  I'll be interested to see how things go.  Thanks for the A.
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