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Windows 2000 Pro doesn't recognize my DVD/CD Drive

I had problems with my OS earlier so I went back to a previous and very good restore of my Registry (you people taught me how a while back). Everything was "perfect" when I did the BU using the ERUNT program.

Somehow when I restored everything, I lost my DVD/CD drive that came with the computer. Maybe I have to get into BIOS/CMOS I don't know. Thought I'd begin here. It's not the hardware. It was working perfectly before I restored the BU I did a while back.
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2 Solutions
Can you check in Device Manager and see if the DVD drive is listed there?

(Control Panel -> System -> hardware -> Deviec Manager)

Expand the DVD/CD drives tree and see what it shows.

If there is a yellow icon there then right-click on it and select Uninstall or Remove.

Then reboot and see if the drive comes back OK.
Lindsay37Author Commented:
The drive is showing in Device Manager. There is an alert (also beside my burner, but it needs to be reinstalled I think). I will try your idea, but see below for messages and things I am seeing, please.

The drivers are fine.

Device Manager Error Code 31: Says this device depends upon another device. When I click on the word "device" I get some script error garbage like so:

Error: Object doesn't support this properly or method...(no more written)
Code: 0
URL: mk:@MSITStore:C\WINNT\Help\errors.chm:/ich_cm_prob_failed_add.htm

[Yeah, right! And this mk:@MSITStore is just where now? ;)]

Last comment: Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?  Yes.   No.  

That's all I have been able to sleuth out.
Lindsay37Author Commented:
I just rechecked the Device Manager, and there is an Exclamation Mark in YELLOW beside the DVD Drive. Is that the "yellow" you meant?

I did uninstall my Iomega Burner, but I knew I'd have to do that one.

Since I'm fearful of uninstalling anything with drivers residing on the CD I'll wait for your answer. I can't access anything which is making me very nervous. I do have the Iomega Zip and A drives which are working. But that's it with the C: drive.
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Yes, that is what I was expecting you'd find.

Since you can't currently access your CD drive anyway, you have nothing to lose by right-clicking on it (in device manager) and selecting remove or uninstall.

Then when you reboot, it will get re-installed (though it may be back with the same yellow icon as before). It is worth a try.
Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
If not resolved goto the following location and right click on each file and then click on "Install". Reboot your computer. Everything should work fine.


Let me know.

Lindsay37Author Commented:
I finally gave up and restored the more recent ERUNT BU file and got my Burner and DVD back into being recognized!

I know I quit this current setup because I was having a lot of problems, but it's acting pretty good. I have to wait to see what hits me as I work as those questions are kaput. I have to rebuild them one by one.

I'll leave this open because I know I had problems. I'll go back to the Outlook Express question because that was one of THE major problems which is still there, of course.

So keep my place.... ;)
Lindsay37Author Commented:
I already have a question. This thing sat "forever" and it didn't seem it was posting my last comment, but it did.

So I.E. 6.0xxx is SLOWed down in some pages loading and when I try to send or write a note, but NOT consistently. It's misbehaving here.

I'll try to send. I'll gather error messages, and let's see if we can get I.E. fixed again (did it before!).

Lindsay37Author Commented:
Okay, let's try to figure out why I.E. is loading like molasses in January. I've spent a lot of time today just trying to get back in here! I get blocked by warnings about AvenueA,Inc. and DoubleClick. Saying yes or no stops page from loading with a rare exception (like now). I got on earlier this a.m., and it took all this time to get back.

I have a dual problem in that both I.E. and O.E. (ver 6 on both) are really messed up. I'm not getting helps here for either since yesterday, and it's imperative I fix these problems ASAP due to some work I need to do and mail I need to read. I work on the Internet so this is getting really dicey! And typing sometimes doesn't show letters until I've entered several words.

So I DO want to fix this SLOWness now, please!

Thank you.
It seems that you have some hidden malware/bot that is intefering with IE.

The program I recommend is Autoruns from:


Download and run it. It will display a few entries automatically. Go to "View" (from Menu) and make sure each item is "checked". This will display everything, plus hide Microsoft entries. You can then disable suspect programs by "unchecking" the box next to them. Then you have to reboot and see if it helps.

If you are not sure whether a particular entry is good or bad, use the "save as" option to save the table to a text file and post it here.
Lindsay37Author Commented:
Ran both autoruns. No change. I can get around the Internet fairly well. Now and then it slows to a crawl or halt willy nilly. But the hardest place to get in plus being SO SLOW I feel like I'm watching paint dry is HERE! ??? I don't get it. This one site is becoming the nemesis for I.E. but it's my favorite place (when my computer is acting up). No fair!

So ... what now?

Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
>>>So I.E. 6.0xxx is SLOWed down in some pages loading and when I try to send or write a note, but NOT consistently. It's misbehaving here.

Could you please post a HighJackThis log here?

Does the same thing heppen when you use Safe Mode with Networking ? Also download and run Firefox from the following web site: -

Let me know.

"Ran both autoruns. No change. I can get around the Internet fairly well. Now and then it slows to a crawl or halt willy nilly...."

 Can you save the output of the Autoruns programs and post it here? The program does not automatically clean up the system unless you take further action. Alternately, you can post the Highjackthis log as the other poster suggested.

Using Firefox will also bypass the problem, though you may need IE at times, so it is better to fix it.
Lindsay37Author Commented:
Here's where Hijack log is right now: http://www.hijackthis.de/logfiles/0becd49e1bc739a20cae1535f871d840.html

Not sure how to post the Autorun log. That's a sorta weird program (the one that runs outside of windows in utter darkness).

Firefox disallows me signing in here.

Popup and banner ads on this site prevent I.E. from letting me get to OS (here). Site comes right up. OS topic dies. So I have to copy and paste links from Thunderhead e-mail program OR use my online Verizon account since O.E. is unable to rise. The latter will use I.E.

I kill off stuff in Hijack or other programs that are "nasty" or worse, and they just come back over and over. Something is causing these "strange *.exe" files to come back plus some stuff in the Registry. So when you see stuff like etineune.exe or uhapayire.exe et al. know I tick them to delete all the time to no avail. Stinger just deleted uhapayire.exe. But we'll see if that stays gone. I've lost my faith in these nutty files ever leaving (there are maybe eight or more...sound like some other language!).

Let me know what to do with the Autorun.

Thanks so very much.
Lindsay37Author Commented:
Okay. I'm getting very close to a full format and reinstall (fresh) of Win 2000. I just want to know every single step. (I have saved everything I ever needed very carefully today to CDs.) I did it (format) a long time ago. My consultant who did me in financially from a trojan crash said he'd warranty the OS. When I asked him how to format (the work at their shop had problems that just built and built), he simply said to get to the c: prompt and type in "format c:." Welllll, I spent hours getting the CD to finally finish the task. It would get almost finished and then reboot the computer and have to start all over. After MANY times (and hours later) it made it through, and I had a nice clean computer. But someone, here I think, said I needed my old Win98 disk to do this.

I also would love to make maybe three partitions. I've had them before, and they are GREAT! This allows for safer storage of data and photos as I work on stuff.

Anyway, anyone up for the 1, 2, 3,.....steps from the very first step to the very last one so that I'm not here until Saturday trying to get 2000 to reinstall on an empty drive?

I also need to be reminded about prevention of attacks while getting the AV programs plus firewall installed. I can get just so far disconnected, but at some point it HAS to go online actually quite early to confirm I'm able to do it (I don't understand, but it just does). It's ZoneAlarm I go for first then Avast! et al.

Since we're getting nowhere fast here, and I'm sick of trying things from here and off the MS site. Nothing's changing. I cannot get into mail no matter how many times I do as MS instructs. And I.E. stumbles on certain sites (like here). It's slow. I have bugs I'm positive. The Registry must be a total mess.

I know which programs I want which will exclude quite a few that are on here now. I've been trying some software, some great and some I don't want so I think I have the programs I minimally want for really good work with manuscripts, bookkeeping, and photo work.

I need to do this NOW! Please. Thank you. If I don't hear back soon, I'll just take a dive into this and use what I can figure out on the MS site (no word about using Win98 to do a clean install). I'm not up for buying XP. I don't need it. A good format and rebuild is a great challenge for me, and I don't mind. It truly beats what I've been going through for a week or more now! I'm done, beat, tired. This feels hopeless, and I do NOT need that now or ever!

Lindsay (I'll also post this in my other open question).

Sorry to hear about your continuing problem. Considering that your system seemed badly infected with some malware, maybe a clean install of Win/2000 is best.

Before starting, please note the following:

(1) You must have backed up all useful files. There is no way to get them back otherwise after you reformat or partition the disk. Consider whether you need to back up documents/images/email/favorites/anything else?

(2) You must have the Win/2000 install CD, as well as the license key for it.

(3) Note down the make and model of all your important devices, esp. the network, video and audio cards. One way to do this is via the Device Manager (Control Panel -> System -> hardware -> Device Manager). Write the information down, and if possible (maybe using Firefox browser) download windows drivers for those devices, but esp. for the network card. You can always download the rest later if the network is working.

(4) You must be prepared to reinstall all applications from CD (such as Office and other programs) after installing Windows/2000.

Re. formatting the hard drive, don't bother with the "format c:" command. The install process from CD will do it for you at the proper place. If you feel the need to re-partition your disk, that also can be done during the install. But, don't make the system partition (C: drive) too small. I would suggest at least 10 and maybe 15 GB for the first partition to avoid later problems.

I ran across the followin site that explains the install process for Win/2000 in fair detail:


Note that early in the process you will have to choose to delete your exsiting partition and create 3 new partitions (if that's what you want).

After installing Win/2000, the first thing you should do is install Zonealarm (have that on CD before starting), and only then connect to the network for the first time. Next connect to the Windows update site and download/install all critical updates, and repeat the Windows update until no more critical updates are avialable. Then finally install applications and restore data etc.

Hope all this maks sense, else please clarify before reformatting your drive.

Good luck!

PS: if you want to try cleaning your system one more time, download and install Spybot (its free), update it, and run it to see if it's able to clean up your system enough without the need to reinstall.
Lindsay37Author Commented:
I will go over your instructions and do whatever. If not clear I'll come back (IF IE will allow...it's the AvenueA thing wanting to install then DoubleClick which Spybot stops that makes loading stop most of the time and there's a popup that gets in my way too..some university ad...if I make it between runs of these I get in, but I really hate those ads and programs wanting to load into my computer! I'm amazed they are allowed on this site of all places).

I'll let you know if I'm confused. I got all that stuff from Windows, but it's a LOT of tech talk, and I weary of it all. I just want steps 1 through 10 or whatever as I'm fast becoming an idiot. :) I DO have my boot disks from last format and reinstall. I'm something of a veteran on formatting. But last time I did have trouble with the CD constantly having problems just as it was ready to load Windows. It would restart the computer and go through all that stuff over and over until I thought I'd lose it. Finally, it got it after many hours of running, booting, installing and repeating. It was not funny. I hope it makes it this time if I can't get this machine settled down. It wasn't like I could walk off as it had to have instructions each time. I thought I had it memorized, but now I disremember except it was a bit of a nightmare! Perhaps using boot disks will help this time. I didn't have those before because my "consultant" gave me bad instructions even tho' he carried the warranty on Windows 2000. I will NEVER go back. He made out like a bandit on two visits, and I still had to fix this machine myself!

I have all my programs and needed drives listed. Most of them have disks. My Linksys is quite new so no problem there. I'll make sure to do ZA first and then updates. I HOPE this time I.E. 5.0 will no longer show as my browser. I have I.E. 6.0 fully updated so why it shows as 5.0 is still a mystery to me.

I'm utterly amazed at the bugs I'm getting and have had probably one or more weeks now. Got one or two Trojans a bit ago today, and I know the other associated files are those or spyware or viruses. I visited Comcast and got one very strange sounding exe file. Then all these strange names showed up. They are always found in Hijack no matter how many times I delete them. So just one or two of the about ten have been kicked (I hope). Something must be spawning these nasty things. But what?

Thanks again.

Lindsay37Author Commented:
.                  !!!!!!!!!! S.O.S. HELP !!!!!  NEED INPUT. ;)

I did everything as stated above. Spent a LONG time running Spybot, Avast!, AdAware, Stinger, CWShredder, ZoneAlarm, Pest Patrol. Also, checked with HiJackThis.

Collectively they caught some more bugs. PP caught FastClick, Com.com. Burstnet.com, AtlasDmt.com, Serving-Sys.com, 247RealMedia.com and deleted them.

Avast! caught the same Trojan (etotixapy.exe) as before. The Trojan is Win32.Rbot-QN(Trj) 0515-3, 04/15/2005. It was caught the day before and is one which I had deleted several times in HijackIt was in the program files of its own program (?). At the end it showed it had found another pest/bug/virus/whatever, but it could not do anything. It did not reveal what it was. (I deleted all cookies after the first test with PP.) So I have a "hidden" bug and no idea what or where.

All tests were performed in Safe Mode (and many times in regular mode). I reran Avast! after booting into Windows, but the errant "bug" was not found.

This all took about 4 hours as I recall. The system is running "okay" and no big slowdowns on Internet. I'll go back to other question as OE is still nonfunctioning which means MS Outlook cannot function either.

Is it just me or are there many more "bugs" getting into systems? I've never seen this on my system before, and I am running it as I ever have plus adding in the programs suggested from this website as of January. All was well until about two weeks ago. No changes but LOTS of bugs including perhaps 2-4 Trojans. How are they getting in in the first place?

I'm stuck at this point. I'm going back to other question I have on OE. If I can get that functioning perhaps I can skip reinstall.

The instructions on setup for Win2000 are fine. I've done it before, but at some point it gets caught just before the setup finishes and the "deadly loop" begins. Took hours to finally get Win2000 onto the system. I need more for a FORMAT AND CLEAN REINSTALL of W2K. I would have NOTHING on the hard drive if I do this. It will boot to the DVD drive, but then what? Gotta know how to deal with the problem I had last June as I recall. I almost had to give up. I have no other way to ask questions once that happens thus the need for how to deal with this scenario. Hope someone's around today.

How do you all get Registry all cleaned up? I'd LOVE to know that plus getting bad files out of WINNT and System32. Rather than reformatting every six to 12 months I'd just like to keep things clean! Reformatting and reinstalling can take me a LONG time as I have to pace the amount of time I'm here for physical reasons.

Thanks.                         S.O.S. HELP!!!!!
Lindsay37Author Commented:
Well, =I= may have resolved copious problems with I.E. thus O.E. I get the points. ;)
It took all day, resting as programs ran or installed, whatever. I found more Trojans, a worm, viruses. I've only run the programs umpteen times. Seems stuff sneaks in all the time, and I can't plug up the hole. Only have 7-8 programs I run.

I have not formatted, and if this thing behaves like right now, I won't! I manually deleted stuff to boot (crazy stuff like language of Mars out of Registry while holding my breath). Also had an _rf folder with _rf.log that recorded for about four days just before all of this happened. Dumped it.

Not sure how to reward points. Will try to split them up as you all tried! I about killed myself. ;) I need about 300 of the points. LOL!!!

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