Hello I have a client that has a symantec firewall. They have websites, and web access for exchange hoste don the inside of there network. Everything works fine on teh inside. But all of a sudden no one on in teh world can hit the websites. I looked at the firewall and it all looks good. I am really stuck any help out there?
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srikrishnakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
:) Probably some changes in the firewall or connectivity issues...Agree with Alex_yala as well ..Could be DNS resolution as well if it's hosted externally...
Okie...Is it possible to check the firewall logs...I assume its NATed with a public IP address..If so check the nat as well..If there is no nat then you plz have a look @ the traffic which is hitting the firewall...
Can anyone from outside still be able to browse in using just the external IP address?

If not, then you gotta look at the external DNS, who host it, when it's expired, etc.

>But all of a sudden no one on in teh world can hit the websites.

are you saying it worked before but does not work anymore?
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