Hello I have a client that has a symantec firewall. They have websites, and web access for exchange hoste don the inside of there network. Everything works fine on teh inside. But all of a sudden no one on in teh world can hit the websites. I looked at the firewall and it all looks good. I am really stuck any help out there?
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sciwriterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
when you say no one in the world -- you mean outside traffic cannot see the websites?

If that is the case, it is simply a matter of opening ports 80 and 8080 in the symantec firewall, and on their router, to in/out traffic.  You probably need to also configure exchange for port 80 traffic as well.

Also, their sites need to be registered with an internet DNS server that translates their site NAMES to IP addresses, so people can find the names.  Did anyone do this?  If there is any FTP traffic, you will have to open port 21 as well.  

Try those most obvious things first....
Well troubleshoot it.

Turn off the firewall and see if you can reach it. If still not it's something else.

You say all of a sudden... nothing happens all of a sudden. Did you get an update? Has your system been conpromized? etc. Something must have happened.
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